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Recon's First ODST Build (Foam) WIP (Picture Heavy)

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by HATE Recon, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. HATE Recon

    HATE Recon New Member

    I recently decided to get into costuming. I've been interested in doing it for a while, and now I have finally decided to try it. I three days ago. It took two of those to days to assemble the helmet.
    Helmet Pictures below.
    help ip2.jpg


    Today I have already completed both hip plates and the belt plate. Let me know how I'm doing so far.


    I spent today constructing the shoulders. The first pair came out a little small, so I'm going to use them on my nephews costume. Picture below



    Here are the pictures of the knee pad and current helmet progress. Tell me what you guys think so far. Also, would it look weird if I started using 1/2in foam for the rest of the pieces, as I've been using 3/8in. I was mainly thinking of using the 1/2in for the chest assets and vest, and possibly the shins.

    20161107_154533[1].jpg 20161107_154541[1].jpg

    I've been posting updates as replies, but I think it's nice to have the initial post up to date aswell. I have completed the chest core, lower chest, and chestplate. I'll post pictures shortly, but today I'm going to try to complete the chest assets.

    help ip2.jpg





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  2. SparrowHawk

    SparrowHawk New Member

    I've been thinking of trying some costume stuff as well. Mind if I watch? :p
  3. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    I think your gonna have a hard time with printer paper.....even with heavy cardstock you run into warping. I would use that helmet as a practice piece and redo it with cardstock. Not trying to be a naysayer or shoot you down, I just think you'll be disappointed working with the printer paper. Your pepping looks good and if your scaling is good your cardstock piece will come out even better. Best of luck with your build
  4. HATE Recon

    HATE Recon New Member

    I was actually considering just making a foam helmet, as I have plenty of 3/8 in foam. I don't exactly have the ability to use fiberglass resin and bondo in my dorm room.

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  5. HATE Recon

    HATE Recon New Member

    I'd be honored ;)
  6. HATE Recon

    HATE Recon New Member

    I've decided to make a new foam helmet. It's about halfway done. I will add update and photos later today.

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  7. Dirtdives


    Good luck and welcome to the 405th.
  8. HATE Recon

    HATE Recon New Member

    New update!
    I completed my foam helmet, but it seems a little small. We'll have to see once I put the visor in. I still need to sand and seal it, as well as put a coat of primer on. Picture of me trying it on below.
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  9. spartan4444

    spartan4444 New Member

    really cool mate
  10. Schankerz


    Hey I really like how your helmet turned out! Would it be any trouble if you could post a few more pictures of it from different sides? I'm making my first foam ODST helmet myself and all the reference pictures I can get would be fantastic!
  11. HATE Recon

    HATE Recon New Member

    No problem! I mainly used the foam helmet file within the archive of 405th. I made a few modifications, since some of the stencils were not applicable with foam. There are two holes, that I purposely left. I'm going to fill them before I plastidip the helmet.

    20161108_232135[1].jpg 20161108_232148[1].jpg 20161108_232204[1].jpg 20161108_232213[1].jpg
    20161108_232223[1].jpg 20161108_232228[1].jpg 20161108_232243[1].jpg 20161108_232258[1].jpg
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  12. eiros

    eiros 405th Regiment Officer

    Looking good!
  13. Kula

    Kula New Member

    Looking good!
  14. HATE Recon

    HATE Recon New Member

    I decided that the shoulders were still too small, and since my 1/2in foam came yesterday, I rescaled and remade the shoulder, and as an added bonus, my foam skill is improving. Pictures to follow.

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  15. HATE Recon

    HATE Recon New Member

    I have to improvise since I don't have a heat gun atm. All the grooves that appear to have been made using scoring and a heat gun were actually made by scoring, and then I used the end of the hot glue gun to heat the scoring marks, which produced a similar effect to that of the heat gun.

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  16. HATE Recon

    HATE Recon New Member

    Sorry for the delay guys, been kinda busy lately. Over the last two days I completed the vest and lower chest core, using Hugh's ODST pep files, modified for foam. Images below.
    WIN_20161111_17_34_43_Pro.jpg WIN_20161111_17_36_16_Pro.jpg WIN_20161112_00_31_36_Pro.jpg



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  17. HATE Recon

    HATE Recon New Member

    I used hugh's chest core and lower chest pep files. It was interesting modifying it to work with foam, but I think it turned out great, especially since this is my first ever attempt at building a costume, as well as my first time using eva foam.

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  18. Dirtdives


    Looks good so far. I wish the pic was a bit clearer. It gets a bit grainy when zoom in.
  19. TutlarAce06


    It looks good. Keep it up!
  20. HATE Recon

    HATE Recon New Member

    Yeah. I had to use my laptop webcam. I'll post better pictures today, probably after I plastidip the armor. I just got my visor plastic and black vht nightshades today.

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  21. HATE Recon

    HATE Recon New Member

    I have completed my helmet, chest assets, and visor. I applied too much nite shades at first, but luckily I was able to recover it, and it turned out nicely for my first ever. Pictures below, main post soon to be updated.
    f714883f355cbeb3a5297b343fe24aaf.jpg 6b817e560ea2f5b7de034ddf23694b9e.jpg bd5c48760ce06da88b00ae3c69c41e41.jpg

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    Attached Files:

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  22. HATE Recon

    HATE Recon New Member

    The last picture was taken after I plastidipped the entire torso

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  23. Mesh


    Looking good trooper!!
  24. Dirtdives


    Fantastic work dude. If I may make a suggestion, try not to over do it w/ the hot glue. Use just enough to keep the joint together and later on after it cools, apply a heaver coating on the inside for overall strength. This will prevent hot glue from "Spilling" out on to the front of your suit. If you are gluing 2 beveled joints together, I find that if you apply glue to the edge of one and roll the other piece in to place, it forces the glue towards the back of the piece rather than out the front. Yes, you get occasional front spillage but its not significant and easily correctable. A hot knife will take out any glue beads and a bit of sanding will conceal everything else. Great job though, keep it up and you'll be done in no time. Looking forward to the next piece and a completed suit.
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  25. HATE Recon

    HATE Recon New Member

    Thanks for the tip. I'll try it out on the thigh pads.

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