Red Hood Cosplay


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Hey 405th! While I have my 3D-printed Spartan build planned out, it's a little time-consuming and cost-prohibitive for a high schooler who doesn't have a job or very much free time at the moment. So, I'm putting that on hold until the summer and am currently planning a Red Hood cosplay! He's one of my favorite superhero and Batman characters, and the costume seems like something I could work on when I have only 30 extra minutes during the day.

Here's my reference (not sure of the artist):

And here's my plan:
EVA foam for the chest (template here)
3D printed helmet (probably going to use this file)
I have a perfect leather jacket already
Black tactical pants
Not sure where I'll find the holsters yet
3D printed weapons

I'm excited to try out building with foam, and I figured this might be a slightly easier first step into cosplay than a full 3D printed armor build. Don't worry, that'll still be coming, but this'll be something easier right now.
I also could theoretically do an "Under the Red Hood" version as well, I have a black jacket and the costume in the animated movie looks like he's wearing his gray shirt over armor, so I'd be able to switch out the two versions depending on what I'm feeling that day. I also might add a red hoodie beneath the jacket for a little extra flair, but I'm starting with the basics before I add anything else. Ordering the foam soon!

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