Red vs Blue LIVES! *link on pg. 2*

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Awesome! I was going to be angry if they didn't continue that series. Just think! The Forge will open WHOLE new things for RvB. :mrgreen:
yea more of tucker and his little Kid, Griff's sister, Dounut, Sarge, Tex, Church, Simmons, Griff, doc and Shela
Caboose is best :mrgreen:
(favourite quote from RvB)OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!!!RUUUN!!!Women and children laaast!!!! Runrunrunrunruun!!!
Caboose and Donut Ftw

Tucker: This is tuckers love line and tonight we will be chatting with all the lady stations in the canyon hello caller yours on the air.

Caboose: Hi my name is caboose.

Tucker: well what can i do for you now caboose?

Caboose: I would like to order a pizza =p

and are all there episodes on archies?
Nope just season 5 and a few others.

That way they can get you to buy the DVDs. ;-)

The storyline and stuff is reason enough to be excited but now we get MORE PSA'S!

"Simmons, what's your Zombie Plan?" lol
Wait, are they only making five more eps, or are they going to continue RvB?
I thought they said no more show after ep 100.
Sarge Christi said:
I thought they said no more show after ep 100.

that better not be a conplaint. ;-)

It sounds to me like these are transition episodes from h2 to h3, then the series will continue. Wonder how they will manage since everyone um, died?
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red, if i remeber correctly, on one of the endings(there was three, if you didnt no). they all went back to the h2 game lobby, and everybody voted to play again. the video ended with all of them saying, "NEW MAP!" so im guessing if they do continue it will be about that ending.

and christi- they said the blood gultch chronicles would end after episode 100. they never said it there wouldnt be a new series to pick up on. like the valhalla chronicles and such..

cant wait! RvB ftw!
I agree with Red. Well, except not everyone died...unless it was the second ending.

Caboose- "I am the best." gets crushed by ghost.

I still loved the third one. "NEW MAP!"
I didn't see the other endings..?
BLARGH now i have to go watch!
I love RvB are you freaking kidding me?
I've seen all of them. :mrgreen:
Well, the most sensible thing would be to continue on valhalla (successor of BG and coag), But what you guys think? Valhalla or totally "New map"

oh, and I didn't know about the multiple endings. only watched it when it was first announced aka the death ending.
caboose is the best of all, omg the best of caboose on youtube is so funny, it helped me remember all the great moments cause there are so many i forgot about em
"and this is church, he is the mean one"

"if i die, i want you to have my orange juice"
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