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Red vs. Blue Tucker and Princess Caboose Build

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by JD of Asgard, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    Back in the lab again! Working on my 2ndish (If I'm not counting the dozen or so abandoned builds) foam build. Using the Mark VI armor to build Cpt. Tucker from Red vs. Blue. My daughter wants to work with me this summer and make her own so she's going to help me make a "Princess Caboose" suit (Basically Caboose with a tutu).

  2. Lieutenant Jaku

    Lieutenant Jaku

    I feel like that would just be caboose if he had access to a tutu, not princess caboose.
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  3. Nukulargear

    Nukulargear New Member

    You should go all in and get a full ballgown going for Princess Caboose
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