REDSTARS Halo 4 Warrior helmet speedbuild


Hey everyone! I'm Redstar, I haven't been on here in ages. The last time I was on here I did a quick and dirty build of Pilot armor form the game Titanfall. Lately I've been making custom Mandalorian armor but after hitting an unpleasant snag I decided to take a break and work on something fun and quick. I will be making a foam Halo 4 Warrior helmet. I built my Titanfall armor out of foam and it was sub par but I've learned a lot since then, my latest foam project was a Gears of War helmet that turned out great. Feel free to check it out here >>
I plan to make this helmet as accurate as I can. I'm going to make it a dark blue with white patterns. I have some black flexible metallic visor material I'll use as well.

This is the file I plan on using. Its a re unfold of the Warrior helmet by Satchmo III. If any of you want it just ask!

Here's my setup with all my materials and things.

Once I get started I'll post pictures every hour so stay tuned!
If you have any questions or compliments feel free to comment!



That's it for the night! I'll be back tomorrow maybe around 8 in the morning and then I build ALL. DAY. LONG! goodnight Spartans!


Hey, I'm back! Sorry for the long wait if you're actually paying attention. I recently moved and had to take care of business n' things.
I'll be back at 5


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I think I'll put updates out every 2 hours instead. seeya at 7
I wouldn't advise bumping your thread with a new post within 24 hours of the last one - it only serves to bloat your post count and push down the work of other people. If you have new content to show the community and your previous thread was less than 24 hours ago, please consider either:

- Saving your updates for one major post per day
- Editing your previous post with new content

Your work is good, despite my misgivings about the foam process for helmets - but, please bear in mind that we still need you to post considerately. Consecutively double-posting is against the rules, and again, it prevents other people from being able to showcase their work fairly.

Good luck with your build, though!


I think I'll just add a post every major milestone. I expect to be done or close to done by tomorrow evening. I didn't mean to undermine others work, or overly self promote myself.
one more post..
Okay. That's all folks. see you when I'm ready for paint


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chernobyl's just doing his job.
I'm far from beeing a fan of halo 4 armor design but the warrior helmet is one of the few I actually like, and it's nice seeing one beeing made.
can't wait to see it done, keep up the good work!


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I think I'll just add a post every major milestone. I expect to be done or close to done by tomorrow evening. I didn't mean to undermine others work, or overly self promote myself.
That's fine. I realise how exciting it is to have a new build on the go, and how tempting it is to show off to the world your hard work with a blaze of glory and fanfare - I really do, believe me. I don't wish to discourage you from posting, but I do have to remind you to post considerately.

Your work's looking good, though. Colour me impressed.

chernobyl's just doing her job.
Fixed that for you.


Okay, I'm almost ready for paint. The helmet came out a little wide so I'm going to shove it in the oven for a little bit until its malleable then compress it a little bit. I'll add a before and after shot once I'm done. then I'll start painting



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wow amazing, didn't expect you'd go this fast to build it!
and you got some nice details.
are you going to paint directly on it or plasti-dip it or something before?


I should have mentioned this was a speed build. Blink and you'll miss it ;). Things are actually going really slow. I expected to be done almost a week ago, but with a new job and apartment I'm so very busy. There's just not enough time in the day to do all the things I want. I have finished painting. All I have left to do is add some details, the visor, and the padding and I'm finished!
here's some eye candy.
plasti-dip base

Base paint

Detail paint

Damage and blackwash

I'll have it finished real soon!


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That looks amazing! Your attention to detail is great, and the black wash on that thing gives it a kind of gritty look. Do you have any armor to go with it?


No. I intend on going to a convention in November wearing it. With it I'm going to wear a black suit jacket and slacks, a blue shirt, white tie, and a UNSC pin. I have other projects to finish. Once I'm finished with those I'll probably make a set of foam halo 4 armor to go with it.