Reinforcing Helmet Before Resin

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Hey guys, I made a MC helmet out of 65 lb cardstock paper.Do I have to reinforce it with cardboard before resining it? if so, do i apply it everywhere in helmet?
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k i read them, it said that only to reinforce if using copy paper right?

Yes you can just start resining straight to the paper. you dont have to reinforce it with anything else. If you wanted to though i supposed you could reinforce it temporarily with cardboard until the resin hardens to help it hold its shape. I just did mine straight to the paper with no extra reinforcement and it turned out fine. Good luck
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I'm using 110lb and tried using pure elmers glue brushed on, all it did was make a shiny coat and made the peices harder, but still soft enough to bend, waste of time, resining right away without reinforcing is alright, but I was playing around.
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