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Bungie Forge Testers Needed!!!!!

I am near finishing my Forge Contest map, it is an Infection map that is located on Forge World.

I need 12 people per day for about 3 to 5 days.
To qualify you need to be older than 13(14 and up NO squeaky voices!!!), YOU HAVE TO HAVE A MICROPHONE!, be able to devote about 1 hour to straight playing, and be awesome at following directions and feed back!

To get on the testing roster, you must Email me (located at end.)
Your email must include the times that you will be able to test,


If I do not get a sufficient amount of people, then you may be used more than once, depending on your first performance...

Once you enter then you will soon be contacted...


GAMERTAG: ColonelMitch3ll

You will get your name added to the map as a tester, and will be mentioned in a video that will be posted on Youtube (that's a maybe on the video for now, school and stuff...)
Sorry to bump, but for some reason I couldn't post a new topic in this forum, so I used an old one to send the message, by doing so, it was still a few months down the list, and wouldn't be seen...

BTW: I have no referrals...


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Do you still need people because I could help

I am 13 but...
A. No squeaks
B. 14 in less than a month
C. Really good at following directions
Maybe you could let me slide?


i can help im 15 no sqeaker here GT: ktmkid991 i can play mon through friday every week from like 3:00 to about 5:30