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<div class="bbWrapper"><b>Bungie Forge Testers Needed!!!!!</b><br /> <br /> I am near finishing my Forge Contest map, it is an Infection map that is located on Forge World.<br /> <br /> I need 12 people per day for about 3 to 5 days.<br /> To qualify you need to be older than 13(14 and up NO squeaky voices!!!), YOU HAVE TO HAVE A MICROPHONE!, be able to devote about 1 hour to straight playing, and be awesome at following directions and feed back!<br /> <br /> To get on the testing roster, you must Email me (located at end.)<br /> Your email must include the times that you will be able to test,<br /> Example...<br /> <br /> Day:<br /> Hour:<br /> <br /> If I do not get a sufficient amount of people, then you may be used more than once, depending on your first performance...<br /> <br /> Once you enter then you will soon be contacted...<br /> <br /> EMAIL: <a href=""></a><br /> <br /> GAMERTAG: ColonelMitch3ll<br /> <br /> You will get your name added to the map as a tester, and will be mentioned in a video that will be posted on Youtube (that's a maybe on the video for now, school and stuff...)</div>
<div class="bbWrapper">Sorry to bump, but for some reason I couldn't post a new topic in this forum, so I used an old one to send the message, by doing so, it was still a few months down the list, and wouldn't be seen...<br /> <br /> BTW: I have no referrals...</div>


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<div class="bbWrapper">Do you still need people because I could help<br /> <br /> I am 13 but...<br /> A. No squeaks<br /> B. 14 in less than a month<br /> C. Really good at following directions<br /> Maybe you could let me slide?</div>

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<div class="bbWrapper">30 year old gamer.<br /> Only my shoes squeak.<br /> Awesome at following directions and feed back!</div>


<div class="bbWrapper">i can help im 15 no sqeaker here GT: ktmkid991 i can play mon through friday every week from like 3:00 to about 5:30</div>