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...SAFETY FIRST! Thankfully I was wearing eye protection but I still got my cheek grazed by a piece of the cut off wheel on my Dremel. It shattered while I was trimming down some acrylic for a TacPad screen.

Just a friendly reminder to our Recruits to always practice good safety measures so you don't hurt yourself while building!

Edit: Buy this instead! (Thanks Burt!)


Bob Rosland

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An even better tip would be not to use those flimsy death traps.

Fiberglass reinforced wheels are the way to go or invest in one of the carbide wheels.


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I go through tons of those discs haha. Super flimsy, but they get the job done!


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I was able to get a canister of 36 for $1 so I was all about it haha! But I went out and bought the diamond wheel afterwards because flying shrapnel is a huge no-no, lol.