Removing a clear cote?


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So I helped my friend make a recon helmet. He kept coming over for a doy on the weekend fir a several weeks and thist past weekend we got it done... for the most part. We just put on that last bit of spray paint when his parents came and picked him up, and he couldn't take it home because the helmet was still wet. In apprehension and excitement I got it done by finishing the visor, weathered it good, and got it looking dirty. I really like it and kinder want to keep it. Anyway I want to get it to him, but when I put the clearcoat finish on it, I accidentally sprayed on a gloss instead of a clear finish... my family says steal whole may work but I don't want it to go through and send the paint job. Is there a way to remove or counter the gloss finish? Here is some of the build 20180819_130843.jpg 20181112_122245.jpg 20181117_110720.jpg 20181117_110728.jpg

Sean Anwalt

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Looks good, man.

First off, the spelling in your post lead me to believe you talk- to- text. Lol

But all joking aside, if I understand you correctly, you sprayed clear gloss on the thing instead of matte finish?

If so, don't worry too much about it. Go over the helmet, make sure the gloss is even all over it, dry it, then apply matte clear over the gloss.
This ensures the matte finish will be even all the way around. Give it two even coats of the flat matte, then once it's dry you should be ok.

Steel wool might help remove the finish, but could also damage the paint or your seams.

Helmet looks good, by the way. I like the color scheme you got going.