Removing a mold?


I have made a mold of my helmet and was wondering how to remove it.
it is a brush on mold with a jacket and i dont know how to get it off.
the actual silicon should slip off but how do you get the jacket off? :cautious:
i was thinking about the top and brim, and the two sides all coming apart.
would this work?
please help me! :eek:

Sean Bradley

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Post us some pics and we can help. We need to see the exact problem with the mold to properly advise.

Not to worry, this should be fixable.

Ral Partha

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I hope you made a two-part or multi-part mold for your helmet, with parting seams and all. However, I'm getting an impression that you didn't. :(

Sean Bradley

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If you didn't make a parting line for your rubber or mother mold it can be cut, but certain precautions are needed.

Please post photo.


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Step 1. Stand on roof of house.

Step 2. Drop mold off of roof.

Step 3. Cry.

...Or you could cut it open. Build up a central ridge with whatever you made the mold out of. then cut down the center of the ridge a little bit at a time so you don't ruin the piece. You will know when you have gone too far. X-acto makes a saw that is good for this purpose. If you don't build a ridge (or2) around the mold, you might ruin the mold by cutting, as when you pull the mold from the piece, it will create suction and will not want to let go. Vaseline is good for releasing the mold.

It would be easier to help if we had more info tho.


ok the rubber goes all the way round and the mod-roc is on top and none of them are in multible parts.
it is a brush on mold.
i will post pics later when camera works!

thanks for the help! :D