Reporting for assignment and hunting for local troopers.

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Sirs and/or Ma'ams,
My name is Joshua Dietrich, callsign: Shadowfire, reporting in from Las Vegas, Nevada, Sol Defense Force.
I recently joined the ranks of the ODSTs and am looking forward to future correspondence and deployment.
I am looking for guidance on any local action and rendezvous with any UNSC forces in the local area.

Please advise,
Sgt. Dietrich

In plain terms, I just completed my ODST gear and am looking for events and to connect with any local 405th members.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
You can reach me via cell @ 702-715-0509 or via my facebook @ Crow Shadowfire.
Crow Shadowfire
nice shirt I am also doing an ODST project. I know of 3 events that you could go to but their all a state or two away. the events are Dallas, Denver, and San Diego Comic-Con to go to these events it can cost about $500 each with ticket, hotel, gas and food fee's. but their are 405th members in those area's so if you could stay with one of them for 4 to 5 days that would get rid of hotel fee's and to get tickets to any of these events you must register on the Comic-Con that you want website then you must purchase the tickets some time in February and they tend to sell out 90 minutes after they go on sell. but do to your location you have an opportunity to get money. all you real have to do is go Fremont Street with your armor on and take pictures with people and have a tip jar or something and your problems will be solved
I was actually kind if hoping for information on the other 405th members who live in town, as I seem to be one of, if not, the only fairly decent Halo cosplayed out here. Almost everyone on Fremont is a cheap one or the rubies. As for the con circuit, I've got that pretty well covered through the 501st and/or the Rebel Legion, but thank you anyways for the information.
YAY! a fellow Vegas person lol. Welcome to the ranks! Nice to meet you josh, im josh as well lol. Congrats on completing your ODST gear, You should post some pics for everyone to see if you have not already. :)
If you wish to chat some more send me a PM on here and we can chat more. Or i can text you or something. either way lol
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