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Republic Commando Delta 62 Build

Discussion in 'Non-Halo Costumes and Props' started by thatdamnjodie, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. thatdamnjodie


    First non-Halo suit build attempt and I couldn't think of anything better to build than a Republic Commando. In particular, Delta-62.

    35362261_1974628599214358_7225334859705614336_o.jpg 35416844_1612833755505730_3645845472393822208_n.jpg
    • Helmet: Complete
    • Chestpiece/torso: Complete
    • Backpack: Complete
    • Shoulders and biceps: Complete
    • Gauntlets: Complete
    • Codpiece: Complete
    • Thighs: Complete
    • Shins: Complete
    • Boots: Complete
    • DC-17 + anti-armor attachment: Pending

    I've been wanting to build this suit since I first played the game, but thought it could never be possible to build from scratch. The 501st kept pointing me towards kits, but 1) I have a very small budget and b) I prefer to build my things from scratch.

    There aren't a lot of helmet files around the web either. The only one I kept finding is one that I believe is too narrow and squished for my personal taste, and the visor is inaccurate. Sadly, I couldn't find any better helmets that didn't cost $200+ just for the pdo file, so I had to go with it - but not without some alterations! I got my partner to stretch it out before sending it off to a prop builder in a neighboring state for 3D printing*. I instantly fell in love.

    *Usually I try to unfold and build my own helmets, but the obj. file of the bucket was super hi res (cough, 24MB, yikes) and my computer struggled to even open it.

    ICYMI, the builder behind the helmet is All Stars Props & Cosplay, and he is fantastic. I definitely recommend him for Australian cosplayers needing a helmet or prop printed for a great price.

    After some very long digging, I came across some decent files for the rest of the suit. You can find these files here. I converted the files to foam as a personal preference, and the only things I'll have to freehand will be the boots, elbows and handplates. Easy.

    For now I'm finishing off my current build of Alice-130 from Halo Wars in the next two weeks, and then I'll get cracking on building Scorch.

    Back soon!

    Last edited: Jun 17, 2018
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  2. Sierra 107

    Sierra 107 Membership Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    This would interest FANGS greatly! ;)
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  3. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

    The RC's are definitely one of the few 501st type costumes that I can see being doable this way! Best of luck on your progress!
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  4. ReClaimer8015


    Yayy, Scorch....one of my favorits. Right behind Fi.
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  5. Cadet

    Cadet Executive Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    I'll also be watching this build with interest. I've always loved the RCs and even toyed with trying to pep one in the past, either fiberglass or foam. So, I will be interested to see how your build goes.
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  6. thatdamnjodie



    Sydney Supanova has just confirmed Temuera Morrison will be attending the convention next weekend on the 16th-18th. Jango Fett and Boss-1138. Finally! I didn't have much to be excited for this year's con, but at the last minute they plucked me out of my downer mood.

    There's no way I'd be able to get Scorch done in time, but what timing, huh?! I'm not even mad, just dead excited. I've been waiting to meet this guy for years! Will be getting an autograph for sure. I would have loved to get a photo with him in my suit though. :p
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  7. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

  8. thatdamnjodie


    Update! My helmet arrived in the mail today, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Excuse the doggo photobomb.

    18985129_1592373034106585_379165513_n.jpg 19021953_1592385567438665_702061882_n.jpg

    It'll need a bit of tidying around the edges and a fair bit of padding on the inside as it is a little big for my head, but the space inside is greatly appreciated as I plan to put an el wire behind the brow of the visor and an LED on the right side for a headlamp. I wish I had this much room for my Alice helmet. :p

    19021954_1592385070772048_1842753118_n copy.JPG 19046822_1592385220772033_1785787675_n copy.jpg

    As the pictures describe, I've drawn inspiration from a few 501st troopers (especially Wicked Armor, *drools) who inserted an el wire for their visors and it really pulls off that perfect glow of blue. Not to mention, I'm learning the ropes of installing lights into my builds now, because hell, costumes are always 10x better with lights!

    So with that said, I'll have to make a trip to the shops sometime soon to buy a bunch of supplies such as LEDs, wiring, a soldering kit, resistors, heat shrinkage tubing, etc etc. I have had some experience with soldering and wiring in the past, as I made a DIY alarm clock once, and also used a soldering iron for a school art project (it was a wire chicken). Better than nothing, right? Thanks to FOOMartProductions I've watched a few tutorials for installing lights and feel confident enough to give it a try.

    Lastly, I'm going to be the tiniest Scorch. I'm about 5'5" and I'd like to try and make up for my size as much as possible without having to wear stilts! Could probably make some platformed shoes, though. Will I make the leap to attempt the build before Supanova? We'll see what happens!
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  9. whereisdanielle

    whereisdanielle RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    the EL wire controllers/batteries make a super loud buzzing noise, for your sanity please dont install the controller box in the helmet.
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  10. thatdamnjodie


    I put a few coats of paint on the helmet today after finishing most of the paint work for Alice.

    19114613_1598075703536318_564272452_n.jpg 19141760_1598078126869409_783476301_n.jpg

    I won't have time to make the rest of Scorch before Supanova this weekend but the helmet will definitely be all prettied up with a visor and weathering for Temuera Morrison to sign. Once the weekend is done I'll start getting stuck into the suit. I'm really looking forward to it.
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  11. Emile3494

    Emile3494 New Member

    Great start to a great costume. I built my RC 1207 Sev about 4 years ago and done many conventions in it. Always happy to help if you need any info. 20170318_152909.jpg
  12. Sierra 107

    Sierra 107 Membership Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Did you build it from scratch? Or is it pepped/kit? I genuinely can't tell from that image, that's how good your 07 looks :)
  13. Emile3494

    Emile3494 New Member

    The armour is actually a vacformed kit from a guy in the states called TZA. I scratchbuilt all the weapons and ancillary equipment myself. The helmet is resin slush cast and I fitted all the electronics in the lid and ammo pouches.
  14. thatdamnjodie


    It looks fantastic dude! I'll be putting LEDs in my Scorch suit for the backpack tubes and equipment attached on his thigh which I haven't done before, so I've been looking at FooMartProductions' tutorials on it. I'm building all of it from scratch but still referring to kit tutorials, as well as the 501st suit standards as they have really good references.
  15. Emile3494

    Emile3494 New Member

    Any help you need, just give me a shout.
  16. Emile3494

    Emile3494 New Member

    Just because you're doing Scorch, here's a picture of me and my friend who has the same armour and we built them together. FB_IMG_1491038862546.jpg
  17. thatdamnjodie


    Awesome work on weathering that helmet. I hope I can do you guys proud. How did you acquire the boots? Did you source them from 501st?
  18. Emile3494

    Emile3494 New Member

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  19. thatdamnjodie


  20. thatdamnjodie


    I'm back!!!

    Scorch has resumed building today. About time, right? Lots of stuff was going on last year and work was taking over my life, literally. Now I have a new job with much better organisation, I can plan my free time and days off a lot better, which means I can start putting time into building again. Today I got stuck into the chest piece, as an anchor for scaling the rest of the suit.


    I'm iffy about the scale fitting with the helmet, seeing as the helmet is slightly too big for my head, but it seems to fit with the chest piece in reference images. My main worry is not having enough neck between the helmet and the chest. We'll wait and see how the rest of the suit turns out first, as I'm more concerned about the scale and fit there atm.

    This build is back on full steam now. Tomorrow I'm starting the shoulders and biceps. Then I'll probably be quiet a bit during the week because of work. I'll do my best to keep this thread as updated as I can!
  21. Cadet

    Cadet Executive Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Great to see you back at this, very excited to see the progress!
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  22. thatdamnjodie


    Left bicep done today so far. I had to do a second attempt as the first one turned out way too small.

    Thankfully the second one fits after I made the scale a bit bigger and changed a few parts.
    Snapchat-102473717.jpg Snapchat-1326284038.jpg Snapchat-706754616.jpg

    Next update will be testing the scale with all pieces done so far, that includes the shoulder plates, if I can fit them in tonight after the right bicep is done. Hopefully I can get it done before I start work for the week. I'll try to fit building into my schedule as best I can, but otherwise the next update might not be until Friday when I get the day off.
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  23. thatdamnjodie


    Next update!

    Today I scored a lucky day off work, so it became "pauldron day" (as well as "yay sleep in" day). The motivation kicked in when @Sierra107 and I finally sorted a new work space for building, this time with a comfy chair! Because since the earlier updates where I was building the torso and biceps, I had to sit on the hard wood floor of our bedroom and I'm surprised I got anything done.

    So I tried building the pauldrons just after I completed the biceps a couple of weeks ago, and as I started putting the pieces of foam together I discovered that of course I scaled it too small. Having just under three months of time until Sydney Supanova rolls around, I'm ridiculously patient with the time and effort going into the scale accuracy of this suit, especially because I'm using foam rather than paper. It works for me, as I can get an honest look at how the foam pieces fit together. As long as I have the time, of course. ;)

    Without further ado, I re-scaled the pauldrons and powered through them in about half a day. Here's the result:

    29496081_1883023041708248_4471501910838345728_n.jpg 29511078_1883021301708422_5666435853526761472_n.jpg 29511217_1883021281708424_4077711001011617792_n.jpg

    You can see in the first image the comparison between first and second attempts at the scale. The problem was not only the size of the first pauldron, but also that it did not sit correctly. I took a closer look at reference images, and I believe that with the second attempt, I hit the nail on the head.

    As you can see, the pauldron takes up the whole curve of the shoulder, and just slightly towers over the top of the bicep. The first pauldron was literally the size of my hand, which is tiny!

    The only thing to worry about with the pauldrons now is how to make it sit without dangling out of place, which is a problem I had with my Spartan Mark IV suit's pauldron. Some 501st members stuck their pauldrons on the shoulder sections of the torso, so that they would hold in place but also to prevent a slouched look. I want to have as little issue with my pauldrons as possible, so I might try and replicate their technique when I get to the strapping and attaching of armour pieces.

    Next update will most likely be the gauntlets, including the elbow pieces. I'm a little intimidated by gauntlets in general, as I've always had a difficult time putting them together. I'm also starting to brainstorm ways to build the neck seal and abdomen undersuit pieces. I work downstairs from a Spotlight store (Australian heaven for those fabric/sewing-based cosplayers). Either I use a thinner EVA foam, or invest in a new sewing machine and some pleather!

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  24. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

    Hey thatdamnjodie - I might actually have a neckseal for you that is 501st approvable. It was made for me so when I sold my Scorch kit the guy who bought it was too big for the neckseal. I'd be happy to send it to you (assuming I can remember where it is now) or happily tell you how to build one. It's of zero use to me.
  25. thatdamnjodie


    That'd be awesome, thanks FANGS! I don't mind using a template if available though, as I'm super tiny in size and usually everything turns out fitting too big on me. ;)

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