requesting a little help for a noob


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hello fellow 405th members, my name is Double, but you may call me snEEko.
i have been a avid halo player for many years and this year ive decided to make not one but all 3 halo suits i absolutely love Via Rvb.
now due to some of my Local 405th brothers i have learnt a many things but there is still much for me to learn.
currently right now I'm attempting to make Agent washington from Rvb Season 11.
all need left for that armor is a Stalker chest piece. i did find some pepakura ones, but sadly that doesn't help me for im 3d printing the cosplay.

if anyone can guide me to a 3d print file for the stalker chest piece...or could kindly convert a pepakura one to a stl..that would mean alot for me.


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There's also the model index. Maybe post your request in there and someone might be willing to help.