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ive beent through all the stickies, and didnt find what i needed and im looking for weapon pep files. Ive downloaded a full pack, but all of them have nodes that i dont know how to get rid of, and the cut out pieces arnt on the right side.

basicaly im looking for an AR, MA5K (if its out there) and H3 magnum
i have an AR file but it doesnt have detail in the stock, and above stock parts, which i want

if anyone can get me these files it would be greatly appreciated

thanks :D
A Pepakura AR is very hard to make, there are files, but not released, just kept for people's own selves, I'd look at slyfo's models, they are ungodly hard, but look awsome.
i could go for halo 1 or 3 as long as it has detail, i see alot of cardboard and other AR's that people make, and when i make mine i want more detail, and i cant do any molding work, so im looking for pep files
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