Research and Development Company of the 405th

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If the 405th staff approves my request there may be a R&D company/battlion.

Is there anyone out there who would be interested in that sort of thing?

The Company would be a good place for Concept art, custom armor mods, fan art, A character backstory log, Fan fiction, possibly even a place to find some random spartans to stand around for your mini film. THIS IS ALL THEORETICAL AT THE MOMENT.

Since the company would be outside of the Canon of Halo. we could have some fun with its backstory. its location. Who our mascot is. even have a labratory pet grunt or something... idk

give me some feedback who would want in on something like that?

The name of the Company is 314th Company... Callsign RomeoDelta
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Your request for a new Battalion will not be accepted because the 405th is a Costuming Community, not a role playing community. Our Regiments and their Battalion sub-units are for regional organization to facilitate the planning and execution of Community Event and Convention appearances, as well as to provide an avenue to provide local assistance to members with their builds.

I suggest you do more research and reading into what our Community actually is and does.
Additionally, your unauthorized use and modification to our logo represents a pretty serious violation of our Site's Terms or Use.

It might be best if you take some time to review many of our Stickied Frequently Asked Question and Rules threads:

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