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I live in an apartment complex. I have completed some of my armor, and I am to the stage of applying resin to it. I just wanted to know how strong the smell/fumes are. I will have to keep it on my balcony so no one steals it / damages it, and there are alot of windows very near (within 20 ft). Will this be ok? I read the thing about baby powder BUT i don't want to put it on too soon and i also don't want to bother anyone else.
You're in a bit of a tight spot there my friend. I'd highly suggest not doing it there.

The only other alternative I can think of is you pack everything up, go to some empty lot to do your work, and then leave it to dry in a storage space after properly disposing of your work-waste.
SPARTAN405 said:
Resin, no matter what brand has strong fumes. you will never get resin that smells nice.

not entirely true. he could work with an epoxy resin. Polyester resins (like the bondo brand stuff most people here are using) have extremely strong smelling fumes. However the majority of Epoxy resins don't really have a smell to them at all... unless you really jam your nose in it. This does not mean that you can use them in a non ventilated area. If you have a balcony or something to your apartment, use it. But at the very least you won't have neighbors complaining about the smell.

take a look at the resins over at Tapp plastics. if i remember right, they have a pdf that goes over the characteristics of the various resins they sell, including the smell.

Epoxy resins take a good deal longer to cure though (a couple hours as opposed to 15 minutes) And usually are not mixed the same way as polyester resins. Epoxy resins are usually a 1 to 1 ratio mixture ( ie 1 ounce part A + 1 ounce part B )
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