Resin Issue/oops

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So... It had been a while since I used resin and the hardener for it and I miss measured the amount of hardener. I figured out that I used about half the amount of hardener that I should have used after I applied it to my armor. It's still very tacky to the touch after 12 hours of sitting. Is there any way that I can fix this or would it be easier to start over?
Just let it sit.
It will harden, eventually.
Let it sit 1-3 days and it will fully harden.
Resin does fully cure, it takes few week for it to harden, that's why a hardener was invented.
But don't worry, it will fully cure.
If it's still not curing, you can try applying another coat of the same resin with hardener over the top and hope that it might kick off the reaction in the layer underneath, but since you did put hardener in your first layer it should harden on its own over time as Marawuff mentioned. Exposing it to heat, such as leaving it in the sun, will usually speed up the drying process.
You can make a hot batch (lots of hardener) and apply that over the top if you need it to harden quickly.
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