Resin Question

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It looks good other than the fact of the top left in the picture, tape that down also. You shouldn't need alot of resin. It really looks like you use alot, but when you look in the container you have A LOT more than you thought you would.

The thing I had a problem with was liquid hardener, I didn't have enough so I had to buy it itself (usually it comes with the resin under the lid).
I am getting close to being completely done. Just resining will only take one container. I got mine from walmart and I think I should be ending around 2 of them for all the resining and fiberglassing (1 layer). I had enough hardener for for 2 whole containers of resin, with one little tube of hardener. I haven't even opened the second.
I got from an auto store a 3.75L container of resin, This is way more than i needed, i have a reckon about 30% of tin still.
Liquid hardener i used a load ( about 4 or 5 from memory) why don't they make it in larger bottles.
And FG cloth i went thru 3 packets.
That was for a suit scaled for 5ft 7in
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