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Im making card board armor. I was wondering if i could just put resin over it and then spray paint it?
I have never used resin or anything so any help would be helpful.
i'm pretty sure it would work, so long as you don't use duct tape as it apparently is dissolved by the resin.
Would 1 gallon of resin be enugh to make me a whole suit? Imonly 4'11 so if that helps any. You can judge it bymy work at the topic Ibegan my armor.
Well thinking your using a coating with a layer of that fiberglass stuff on top, Id expect just a gallon would suffice. But im not too sure on that. It would take me 1.6 gallons by my calculations but thats because im 5'8''.
I suppose you should buy two gallons, if not just so you have some amount of slack, you dont have to be REALLY careful, you still have more to waste.
will i have to put a coating of fiberglass or wold resin only work? Or will paper mache work if resin and stuff cost to much for me to afford?
The best thing I found was simply putting a layer of resin with that liquid hardener (Make sure to do it in small mixtures, if you mix the entire resin can, you will ruin the entire supply) and apply the fiberglass stuff right over it.
Paper mache could work, but it would look really odd unless your skilled, and would have that shiny glow on it, nor that nice smooth texture.

I suppose you can also just layer tissue paper mache with glass powder or something, but that has got to be a safety hazard so nevermind.
Ah well, exspensive resin it is for you.
I want to buy 1 gallon of fiberglass resin with ligud hardener. Is that the only thing i would need to buy? I would use $50 for just resin and im on a tight budget since i was to lazy to make a helmet so i bought a westerfields. But im making the rest of my armor.
resin doesnt make it that much stronger on its own, it sorta makes a thin skin. If you want it to be durable have at least one layer of fiberglass
Its not so much durability, i would like a thin coat to cover up the tape i used. Then i would spray paint it.
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