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Hey all! Long time fan as been playing the games since I was 12. I've recently started a pretty big Halo collection. In the last few months I've aquired multiple of every Jazware toy currently out which I've been having a blast customizing, all the games in the og release and collectors edition etc, all the paper back hard back collectors edition game guides, and now I'm working on the rest of the halo edition 360's. My girl says have a problem..

Anyways! I'm excited to try my hand at my first set of armor for Momo Con at the end of May in Atlanta. Both Steve Downs and Jen Taylor are both going to be there so I'm super excited.

I work for a company that sells and instals fish/reef tanks. Yesterday a customer had ordered in some large custom fake reef inserts from Los Vegas Props (the guys who used to work for ATM, aka "Tanked" the show.) Upon opening the crate I snagged all the 1/2" scrap foam that they tossed in for extra packing material! Should be a good starting point for my upper torso and maybe arms.

I've been doing alot if reading on here so I've got a few good ideas of what I want to do. The largest black peice is just over 36"x36". I think I'm going to start by cutting a hole for my head and fit it like a poncho while cutting it down to fit like a vest.


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