rocket avoidation

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spartan 1

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i had a dull day in halo 1 today, i learned how to dodge rockets, but i bet u dont care... Jk

i figured you guys would wanna know about this, if u dont already, but heres how (note:im not sure if this will work 100% of the time, and its only in halo 1, i think.)
when driving in a hog, if someone with a rocket launcher (not sure about feul rod) as they shoot at you, powerlide so that the passenger side will connect with the blast, and as it does so, exit the vehicle. if done correctly, you will go flying skyward and land un- or barely harmed

I don't have CE for PC :cry1:

But will the passenger be alright? And I'd immagine it would be pretty hard to time all of that jsut right, and that's assuming you actually know the rocket is there.
well I prefer the just bail out if a rocket is coming method, unless the person sucks at shooting which is usually the case....and in halo 2 hide behind someone else
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