Rocket Lawn-Chair

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I have since painted certain parts brown and black and wrote "SPNKr" and "Hold like this" with a stick figure holding the Rocket Launcher.

My silly grenade:

My "UNSC Marine Corps" manual. I want to start that again! Mobeus, we need to talk! :p


Since I'm pretty sure no one now has seen my old work, here you go.
I was thinking about making a rocket launcher but i need to know what the diameter of the barrels are because I am going to make it launch potatoes. :rolleyes
Potatoe launcher! OMG!
Those hurt like blanking blank.

But I suppose the roughest estimate to barrel size is like taking those wrapping paper cardboard rolls and increasing its diameter by 50%.
Ii was thinking about that but I want to get it as close as possible. Anyone know of any sites I can get the diameter of the rocket launcher's barrel ( needed for the diameter of pvc pipe)
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