Roll Call - Canadian Regiment Introductions


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Keeping in line with the other regiments, this thread will be used to introduce ourselves. I thought the Australian regiment had a good format for this, so I "borrowed" it, lol.

Name: Put what your preferred name is here, whether it's a real name or a moniker.
Location: Give a general geographic region to help find others near you!
Costuming since: When did you start costuming/building?
About me: Tell us a little about yourself. Twitter profile or autobiography.
Favourite Cons: What cons are we likely to see you at?
Costumes/Props: Share some of your work, completed or in-progress.

I'll go first...

Location: Ottawa, ON
Costuming since: Um... haven't actually finished a set of armour yet :p Been building props since 2001, though.
About me: Been in the prop hobby for about 17 years. Started off in Star Trek, then moved on to HALO and am working on expanding into other genres/franchises. In the last few years I started getting into the production end of the hobby, kitting out a few hand-made props. Been a fan and ardent follower of the HALO games since the first one came out. I regularly play through the entire set of them at a stretch on my Xbox 360 Slim.
Favourite Cons: Ottawa Comic Con, Ottawa Pop Expo (smaller version of OCC), Toronto Fan Expo
Costumes/Props: Please visit this page --> movie props, film costumes and wardrobe by Eric Ardros
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Name: chrisy
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Costuming since: In the planning stages for my first build! Will be a mark IV from Halo 4 MP (hybrid between wetwork, recon, enforcer) :D. Impact Props is inspiring me greatly for this build!
About Me: Been a big Halo fan since playing the first game and reading the books as a wee lass. My dream cosplay has always been wearing Halo armour...and the 405th community really has motivated me to pursuit this. Even though I'm not hands on by any means (doesn't making a scarf count? :p), you guys here really make me feel its possible to attempt this project.
Favourite Cons: Anime North; Fan Expo Toronto
Costume/Props: I've started getting into cosplaying last year. Past cosplays included Homura (Magica Madoka), Kuristina (Stein; Gate), and a really sketchy comic book Harley.
Other dream Cosplays: Hexadecimal (ReBoot), (Ezio) Assassin's Creed, Killing Joke inspired Joker


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Name: Ralph or call me Spraynoob.
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Costuming since: around 2006?
About me: I've been introduced to Halo when Halo 2 was starting up. Since then I've been a loving fan. A friend of mine who also a 405th member, blahhh (if i can recall off hand), introduced me to 405th back in 2006. We started strong as noobs and continue on as pros (I guess lol). Since joining I've been crafting with my hands, even helped a couple friends with their costumes. I just honestly hope I can see 405th grow into a more "official" group in the near future.
Favourite Cons: Just the Local cons here in Ontario, Fan Expo Canada, Anime North. Just to add as well, small events such as Xbox events.
Costumes/Props: Finished an ODST suit just last year, since then i've been working on other wip: Kouta Hirano from HighSchool of The Dead, another ODST suit, Japanese Samurai Warrior. I'm honestly pushing for prop making over costumes, but its fun doing both! (I'll come back to post a link to pictures of my suit.)


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Name: Allayna
Location: Sudbury, in the great-white-north!
Costuming since: ~Currently in the production stage~
About me: I still remember the video Adam Grumbo posted of his Master Chief costume, patrolling stores. Halo enthusiast at heart, as it was Halo 3 that got us hooked on the xbox. One day, I plan to make my own Spartan build.
Favourite Cons: Fan Expo, DragonCon (haven't attended any, but already booked for next year). Although I'd like to expand this list in the future.
Costumes/Props: Currently working on a Destiny Warlock for Halloween. Will upgrade detailing and props afterwards.


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Name: Mike
Mississauga, Ontario
Costuming since:
I have always been building things here and there. I started to seriously build a suit in 2010 for the release of Halo Reach.
About me:
Student, cosplaying and building props as a hobby. Loved Halo since 2001. Seeing the happy reactions of people seeing Master Chief makes me want to pursue costuming more. Love learning new techniques and exploring new mediums.
Favourite Cons:
You will see me at Anime North, Toronto Comic Con, Fan Expo and any Xbox events.
I have completed a Halo Reach Noble Six costume, Halo Reach Master Chief, Iron Man Helmet, and countless other helmets and small props.

I hope to see you all at a con soon!

Anthony Thibault

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Name: Anthony works. People on Xbox usually call me Stephen.
Location: I live in St. Catharines, but I work in Niagara Falls.
Costuming since: I'm, uh, working on it. Short on funds and fundamental knowledge of how as of yet. Definitely want to learn.
About me: I have a dual citizenship, I'm originally from Iowa, but moved up here in the eighth grade to live with my dad. I've been a Halo player since second grade. I've read almost all the Halo books, I got a Halo tattoo. I'm a very open person, and very much so want to get into making armor.
Favourite Cons: Niagara Falls Comic Con is one, really local. Sometimes I make it out to Anime North or Fan Expo in Toronto.
Costumes/Props: None yet.


Name: Roku
Location: Vancouver
Costuming since: I think it was 2012 or 2013 I got into costuming.
About me: In my spare time I enjoy playing games, drawing, building . I brought the first Halo and enjoyed it came with a Master Chief figure and that caught my eye at the time. I've played all the Halo games but have yet to find and play Halo 2, Still on the look out for that. I've always collected the figures,comics and the concept art book.
Favorite Cons: I don't really have a favorite con.
Costumes/Props: N7 fem shep my first completed build. Current projects I'm working on My Spartan A035. For props I have one of Smick's Halo Reach Pistols and Omni blade from Moonbase Creations :)


Noble 10

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name noble 10
location creston BC
costuming since sept 2014 i whacked dft (dafruntlinetrooper) do his odst build on YouTube
about me i enjoy Nerf dart gun wars and playing halo reach with my friend and i do love the halo books.
favorite cons i have int gone to one yet
costumes/props i am making a halo wars mk vi for haloween


Name: Skoopa92
Calgary. AB
Costuming since:
January 2014
About me:
I'm a semi famous Youtuber! over 1000 subscribers, i do all sorts of Halo related things, including Machinimas, and Stop motion videos, the latter of which im SUPER OP at! lol i came in the top ten for the Megabloks Halo toymation contest, for my video "Silly Sangheili". Subcribe so i have some super cool fans! coz out of 1000 subcribers, only like 50 of them actually watch all my videos! I've got a huge collection of Halo action figures, and made my own style of stop motion, where there's no actual movement, only key frames, sort of like a storybook i guess?, lol. I'm also a pretty good graphic designer, i made the Canadian Regiment banner!
Favourite Cons:
The Calgary Expo
An attempt at an ODST costume, following DafrontlineTroopers tutorials / Halo Reach Spartan, following SpacemeatTheCosplays tutorials. I also made a Keaton mask and Lens of truth from The Legend of Zelda as Christmas presents for two of my friends. For my ODST build, i made a plasma pistol from scratch, which turned out pretty awesome, i used a heater with a circle grate to burn in the covenant texture, and for my Spartan build i have an Assault rifle, and two Magnums! I've also built Captain Falcons helmet, but made it to small... lol

Cpl Shepard

Name: Cpl Shepard
Location: Ontario
Costuming since: 2010
About me: Painting/Woodworking mostly. Also motorcycle enthusiast. Always willing to go a few rounds in ODST firefight.
Favourite Cons: Anime North, Fan Expo
Costumes/Props: Revising a Sean Bradley ODST set. Working on an H3 Marine set. Finishing touches on MA5C and SPNKr.


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Ooo....I like this!

Name: FANGS or Angela
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Costuming since: I've costumed most of my life but not to this level until about 11 years ago.
About me: I've a bit of a costume junkie. My forte is sewing but over the years I've built a lot of armor costumes from ABS or Styrene kits to 100% handmade foam and worbla costumes. That last big build, literally in terms of size and time, was a Warhammer Sister of Battle. I love making historical dresses and movie replicas. I'm a proud 11 year member of the 501st Legion. I own a PS3. I have several PS3 games. I suck at all of them. Universally. But it's a good stress reliever I find to yell at the TV for awhile. For all of the poor characters in those video games? Sorry about your luck of ending up at my house. hahahaha
Favourite Cons: I'll be at Celebration 7 in Anahiem in under two weeks and I'm always at DragonCon - this will be my 10th year! I'm always also at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo. Our 501st Garrison always has a photobooth at each of those two Cons to raise money for Make a Wish or the Kids with Cancer Society.
Costumes/Props: My to do list is WAY too long but I can't help but add on new and cool things when I see them. I have a Sean Bradley ODST kit that is partially finished and I hope to have that for the Edmonton show in September. I also hope to have my Anderson (Dredd) gear done for the same show. I'm well on my way for gathering items needed for my DCon plans including the Fairy Godmother from the new Cinderella and a Destiny Warlock. I also have about hmmm......8 501st costumes to build. Oy!


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Name: Owen
Location: Owen Sound (area) ON
Costuming since: Yet to start but i've been around for 5+ years.
About me: I am quiet
Favourite Cons: I've yet to go to a con but i'd most likely go to the ones in Toronto. Such as Anime North.
Costumes/Props: (Yep nothing)
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Name: Garzak
Location: Québec, Qc
Costuming since: 2008 got my ODST v.1 done since then Im upgrading it
About me: Welder of profession, love to work by hand. Fund are not always there for costuming but you improvise.
Favourite Cons: Montreal comic-con, but I would love to be able to see some other con
Costumes/Props: ODST v.3 going on the v.4 need to be able to crouch better.

PS: sorry for caps dont know how to make it work -_-



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It just occurred to me I haven't filled this out yet :S my bad ......


Name: Artifice ~ Jason ~ Ginger. Whatever you want really I don't mind
Location: Surrey, BC, Canada
Costuming since: I've been building things for a wile, more so props and costumes in the last year.
About me: I've been building props for about 1 year now and I'm loving every min of it ! I have not constructed my own suit as of yet but I'm waiting on my 108 sheets of EVA foam to arrive :D I have always been into the Halo and the Si-Fi / Fantasy world. I'm a gamer Xbox and Playstation and soon to be PC. And now I'm your new RXO! and I hope to meet everyone in the Canadian Reg at some point in this new adventure.
Favourite Cons: Fan Expo it was my first time going this year and it was amazing. I even met a few 405th members " LongShot X specifically "
Costumes/Props: Go on over here ---------->

That's all for now Thanks again

Jason AKA Artifice


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Photo Heavy, apologies in advance

Name: Farron or Phoenix
Location: Ottawa, On
Costuming since: Sometime in highschool? Back then I was one of those kids who bought cosplays, I started building/sewing about five years ago.
About me: Cosplayer, Tumblr-Roleplayer, etc etc. You can find me on facebook at Phoenix Armoury
Favourite Cons: Ottawa Comic Con, Anime North, Monteral Comic Con, Fan Expo, Pop Expo, aiming for RTX next year


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Very nice Phoenix. I've come across a few pictures of your work around the Internet before. Didn't realize it was you.


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Your Mass Effect outfit looks very familiar, I believe we had a good chat about costume building at Ottawa Pop Expo a couple years ago. I was working at a friend's vendor booth that year. Very nice to have you here! :)

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Greetings all, new here, well not new exactly, I had an account 2 years ago but it seems to have vanished. I have had the pleasure of parading with the fine folks down in Atlanta during Dragon Con in 2013 and figured it was high time I got off my armored ass and joined for real. So here goes:

Name: Rob, but most of my friends in the cosplay community call me Chief on account of my armour
Location: Ottawa ON
Costuming since: Seriously started cosplaying in 1993 but my first armour build was in 2013
About me: Retired Navy veteran who now writes databases for the military. I ran the Klingon fan club KAG Kanada for the past five years before retiring from that in November of last year.
Favourite Cons: I am HR staff for Ottawa and Montreal Comiccon and Ottawa Pop Expo, I also attend HalCon in Halifax, DragonCon in Atlanta and will be attending FanExpo this year
Costumes/Props: Examples of my costumes and props can be found on my Facebook page Kilt Of Doom Cosplay. Also, the Master Chief shown in PhoenixArmoury's photos above is me

If there's anything more you'd like to know fire me off a message


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Welcome to the Canadian Regiment Kilt! I had to hunt a Dragon Con parade video to see for myself. I love seeing everyone in armour across social media, so sure enough you are visible and look great. :cool

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Thanks! Looking forward to getting to know our members.

Some of us in the Ottawa area are also part of the NCR Heavy Armour group. Check us out on FB and if interested, feel encouraged to apply for membership.