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Roll Call

Discussion in 'Southern Regiment' started by AugmentedHuman013, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. AugmentedHuman013

    AugmentedHuman013 RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    Lets take a moment to Introduce ourselves in the forum.

    Name(if you have a nickname or call tag)
    Where your located
    About you.
    Favorite Conventions (where we can most likely meet up with you)

    Name: Kevin Robbins
    Age: 28
    Location: Port Saint lucie, Florida
    Occupation: Retail Supervisor
    About me: I have been building for about 4 yrs now. A lot of Starts and stops. I like to play Video games for the story and lore more then the multi-player aspect. I have been attending conventions for about 2 yrs now going to them whenever i possibly.
    Cons: I usually attend Miami Supercon and Florida Megacon. But am looking forward to branching out in the next year to Animate! and even Dragoncon (next year)
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  2. Demogorgon


    Name: Jeremy Petty
    Age: 21
    Location: Bradenton, Florida
    Occupation: Full time student, Web Developer and Design Engineer at Laser Pegs Ventures LLC
    About Me: I first got into prop building back in 2010 but it didn't become a serious hobby for me until about a year ago. I love video games, playing my bass guitar, and my job. I have yet to attend a convention, Ren Fests are another story haha. I'm always bouncing around between projects and haven't officially finished one yet, but that will hopefully change within the next couple weeks.
    Cons: I will mainly frequent the conventions around the Tampa / Orlando area but I'll definitely try to get out to Miami ones.
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  3. Halo Master

    Halo Master

    Name: Logan Lowery
    Location: Chesapeake, Virginia
    Occupation: Well, none :p
    About me: I've been into prop making for a while. I started with prop guns then it turned into costumes and such. I love playing video games. Especially Halo:p
    Cons: I have never attended a con before. I would like to attend one when I have a finished suit.
  4. Masterchief0624


    Name: S-124 (Luis M.)
    Age: 29
    Where your located: Miami, FL
    Occupations: Logistics Coordinator.
    About you: Classified
    Favorite Conventions (where we can most likely meet up with you): Supercon has been the only con I've been to so far. Hopefully I'll be going to be more.
  5. Kaya Tetsu

    Kaya Tetsu

    Lets take a moment to Introduce ourselves in the forum.

    Name(if you have a nickname or call tag): Christian
    Age: 20s
    Where your located: Northeast Tennessee (Appalachia) and Middle TN (Nashville area)
    Occupations: Freelance/College Student/Handyman
    Favorite Conventions (where we can most likely meet up with you): Dragon*Con
    About You:
    Was stationed over in the Nasvhille Area with the parental units. I now bounce back and forth between visiting there and university in Northeastern TN (Trcities/Britsol Area). Currently have an extremely small apartment and have therefore set up shop in a friends basement. Hoping to start a nice shop over there.
  6. JUSTINIAN 117


    Name: Justin Branfuhr

    Age: 25

    Location: Myrtle Beach, SC

    Occupations: Sign shop manager

    About you: I have been making Halo props for the past 11 years. I enjoy making other props when I have the time, but that is not very often. I'm a Member of Stony Props. I am more of a weapons maker, but I like to do costumes as well. I am also into cars, paintball, soccer, and video games.

    Favorite Conventions: I attend Dragon Con every year. Id' like to start going to more, but there are not many that are very close to me.
  7. ShockWave


    Name: Frank Hernandez-AKA: FrankyFiggs
    Where your located: Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Occupations: Office Manager for - PINE Environmental, Inc. In Davie
    About you: Born in South Bronx NY, moved around the country during my child hood. Finally
    Our last stop was here in FL in 1999 and been here ever since. Main love in life is of course COFFEE!
    Spend my free time playing videogames, watching movies, attempting to build props and cosplaying
    as much as possible.
    Favorite Conventions: probably Florida Supercon, Animate Miami, Metrocon Tampa or Megacon in Orlando.
    There are sooooo many other conventions I'd love to go to, maybe some day I can get out of state to those
    awesome other cons.
  8. KevZone


    Name: Kevin Avent - forum handle = KevZone
    Age:53, yes 53...so I guess I'm the old guy in the squad
    Where you're located: South Boston, VA
    Occupation: VP of Purchasing for organic food manufacturer
    About you: Married, father of three. Member of the 501st Legion (I have a Stormtrooper and Darth Vader costume). Into Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Action movies. Don't play Halo much but my kids and my son-in-law do...a lot. I also play miniatures wargames like Warhammer 40K and Bolt Action and I founded and run the game club called Adeptus Memphis.
    Favorite Conventions: Mid South Con, Memphis Comic and Fantasy Con, Memphis Comic Expo. I'd like to go to Dragon Con one of these days. Looking for cons in the Virginia and North Carolina area.
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  9. PHIL 907

    PHIL 907

    Name: Phillip M.
    Age: 14
    Where your located: Northern Georgia, near Atlanta.
    Occupations: N/A
    Interests: Skateboarding, graphic design, Halo.
    Favorite Conventions: DragonCon. Never been but will go when I complete my suit.
  10. kingair983


    Name: Cody L.
    Age: 20, 21 in a month!

    Where you're located: Originally from Jacksonville FL, currently in Gainesville Fl, for school at UF

    Occupation: Sales Associate at Lowes, and Student at UF

    About me: Jacksonville FL born and raised. I'm into video games, mostly FPS like Halo. I love paintball I also like building and working with my hands( hence the costuming hobby) I also enjoy taking apart and tinkering with anything that has a motor.

    Favorite Cons: Well to tell the truth I've never been to one. But I plan on doing an Agent Locke as my next build, with help from my University's Resources, and after that I hope to travel to as much in and around Florida as possible!
  11. BMP Props

    BMP Props

    Name: Bryan Doell
    Age: 29
    Location: Coconut Creek (just North of Ft Lauderdale), FL
    Occupation: Executive Chef
    About me: Originally from Manchester, NH. I love building things in general, not just armor and props. Some people call me a mad tinkerer. I've been building armor and props for about 3 years now. I am the Executive Chef at Solid Gold Gentleman's Club in Ft Lauderdale and have opened and consulted for several restaurants around South Florida. I'm currently opening my own business, MicroFoodery Culinary Services. Obviously I love food haha. I have built two suits of halo armor and several halo related weapons. Weapons are definitely my favorite thing to build, I am experimenting with molding and casting them.
    Favorite Con: I have a soft spot for Florida SuperCon, it was my first con last year and also had a great time this year.
  12. Blackblood


    Name: Blaine
    Age: 32
    Location: Newnan, Georgia
    About: I Work all the time, what free time I do have I will be hiking, camping, working on a project, or helping someone with theirs.
    Con: Dragoncon
    Occupation: Assembly, Security
  13. foxleader


    Name foxleader
    Age 25
    Where Tuscaloosa Alabama
    Occupations don't have one anymore unless you count being a prop builder
    been a lot of things over the years a writer, screen writer, artist, gamer, and just about every little job you have think of I've done, but lately I've been in a rut of a problem can't move anything I've make and would like help to move it.
    Favorite Conventions kami con.
  14. SirPalesAlot


    Name - Matt Morrow

    Age - 26

    Location - Phenix City AL / Columbus GA

    Occupation - CAD/CAM Programming and Design

    About me - I've always had a thing for building stuff. I joined the site after looking for some Halo costumes online way back when. When I saw Adam's suit back then I knew I had to make one of my own. It's been a few years since then, and here I am still lacking in the suit department lol. I have a handful of hobbies that take up my time, but I'm trying to get more into working on costumes.

    Favorite Conventions (where we can most likely meet up with you) - I haven't been to many conventions so I can't say I have a favorite yet. I live in close proximity to Atlanta/Montgomery/Birmingham so any contentions in those areas would be easy to attend.
  15. swampbilly


    Name: Chris Santangelo aka HELLJUMPER or SWAMPBILLY
    Age: 27
    Location: Port Saint Lucie, FL. Born and raised west ft lauderdale davie area
    Occupation: RV Technician/Paint & Body
    About me: at 11 I began buildng my own toys. I grew up on 3.5 acres with a machine shop in the back yard mainly making blasters and stuff from starwa s and I never stopped since. I have a hobby mill cnc and trying to get into 3d modeling but slow at it lol. Write gcode like boss though. Always have to stay busy. Hmu whenever my number is on my profile.
  16. Lt Johnson

    Lt Johnson

    Name: Wesley Johnson
    Age: 22
    Location: Alma, Arkansas
    Occupation: 3D Tutor
    Favorite Conventions where we can meet up: A-Kon in Dallas Texas and Konsplosion in Fort Smith Arkansas.
    About Me: I was first introduced to prop making by Indy Mogul. By then I had played numerous video games and watched countless movies and I was hooked. I'm currently cleaning out my 3rd car garage and turning it into a shop to finish my Custom Spartan IV suit.
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  17. cha0skn1ght


    Name: John Moody. Also known as Spartan 612 and for anyone that knows me online, some call me Chaos (my gamertag for xbl is cha0s kn1ght).
    Age: 26
    Location: Birmingham,AL
    Occupation: Software Developer
    About Me: I love pretty much any and all things Halo to the point of being religiously fanatical about it. Husband, nerd, gamer, prop maker, programmer & cyan is my favorite color. Into all things tech and Halo. Built my first ODST suit back when H3: ODST came out and have made 2 since then and working on a new ODST suit.
    Favorite Cons: Anime Weekend Atlanta (Atlanta, GA), Alabama Phoenix Festival (Birmingham, AL), Kami-Con (Birmingham, AL), and eventually I will get to Dragon-Con!!

    A pleasure to make your acquaintance.
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  18. Asgardianhammer

    Asgardianhammer Identity Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Name: Robert Letts AKA Asgardianhammer
    Age: 43
    Where your located: Birmingham, AL
    Occupations: Creative Director
    About you. Building about four years now. One completed suit with Pep and fiberglass. Building now in foam. I do a lot of graphic design work so i do all emblems very clean. Cook, play games, metal music, scout stuff, and coffee.
    Favorite Conventions: Dragon*Con and Phoenix Festival .facebook_-712874505.jpg
  19. link4044

    link4044 Sr Member

    Name: Link
    Age: 38
    Where your located: clermont/orlando
    Occupations: entertainment tech/propmaker at universal studios
    About you. been in this game for many years. got a wife and kid that loves to dress up
    Favorite Conventions (where we can most likely meet up with you) i go to megacon, FX and dragoncon
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  20. cayoke


    Name: Brian McGinnis, or Cayoke
    Location: Memphis TN
    Occupation: Kennel Attendant at an animal hospital, full time student majoring in Electrical Computer Engineering and Computer science.
    About me: I started making costumes when I found the 405th back in 09, and I finished my first costume last year. I fix computers, and phones as a side job. I'm a PC gamer, and I sometimes touch my Xbox but I love the lore of Halo the most.
    Conventions: Midsouth Comic and Fantasy Convention, and Midsouth Con are the only ones I have been to. I want to go to dragoncon next year and I may be able to go to megacon next year.
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  21. facon5052


    Real: Austin
    Char: Authmion
    Call: ARES (Advanced Range Elimination Specialist)
    Age: 21
    Where your located: Wilmington NC
    Occupations: Call Center Rep, Gamer
    About you: Hello! I am Austin, Character's name is Authmion, and my call sign is ARES. (see above) I am just starting out in the costuming aspect of the halo universe, and have been following the 405th's website for a couple of years. Even though I dont have any posts. :p My favorite weapon loadout in Halo is a DMR and a Sniper rifle, but when I eventually get to making my suit, I will include a magnum, because one can never have enough weapons :3 I plan on building mine, as well as some friends of mine a suit, so that maybe we can start out own little squad within the unit. (long term goal...lol) I enjoy video games (obviously...) LARPing, Cosplay, computers, and hanging out. Live in Wilmington.
    Favorite Conventions: I have been to IchibanCon in Charlotte and Animazement in Raleigh, and will probably go to any other con I can within a fairly decent driving radius.
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  22. missymae35



    New here but loving it.
    Melissa M. (Missymae)
    Married to an extreme prop builder.
    Working on first armor
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  23. TheOneWithNoName


    Name: Ryan (Rhino)


    Location:Chattanooga, Tennessee

    Occupation: Student

    About: Had a more recent start to prop and costume making (a few months before my original joining of this forum).

    I have however, since a young age, loved both papercraft/origami and computers.

    I'm currently working on a yamne'e.

    Cons: I have yet to attend one, but my first three will be chattacon (Last weekend in January [costume probably won't be completed and will be volunteering]), con nooga ( last weekend I febuary [will still not have costume done]), and dragoncon (costume may be completed by then).
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  24. mouaj


    Name: Jimmy Moua
    Age: 24
    Where your located: Greensboro, NC
    Occupations: Student
    About you: Mechanical engineering major @ NC A&T. Life revolves around school but on my spare time i play guitar, video games, build props, and before i went back to school, i did a lot of fishing, hunting, hiking, and target shooting. Currently building my Halo Reach ODST Spartan and its about 75% done. Glad to be in a community of like-minded individuals :D
    Favorite Conventions (where we can most likely meet up with you): Havent attended one yet but i hope to esp when my armor is complete
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  25. Rex 084

    Rex 084

    Name: J. Rex Martens
    Age: 30
    Location: Arlington, VA close to DC
    Occupation: Retail Management/Cycle Gear manager
    About me: Been working on a Mk VI build off and on for 3 years, have had to scrap more pieces than I care to admit, lol. Just recently got married, and wont have a lot of time or spac3 to work on it for a little bit yet. However, I've been a lurker here for much longer than I've been a member, and have built many a piece of pep just to build up the skills and keep myself decent at it, even if my scaling needs work. Feel free to ask any questions. As I work in the motorcycle industry, I have access to helmet liners either really cheap or free, so if anyone needs one, let me know.

    Cons: primarily just Otakon. Will be trying to head to more, but retail management is horrible to try and get time off.

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