Rough holidays...but the end of tunnel light is near!

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Been a really hectic Fall so far. I'm months behind on virtually everything I wanted to have finished by now. Add to that, the last few weeks of hell. My 88 yr old father goes over backwards on our front sidewalk Thanksgiving morning because he refuses to use his walker....then ooozes all during dinner because he won't even put ice on it. Fast forward a week and my wife is hanging Christmas decorations while I rewire some outlets so I can set up all the lighted stuff out front. I hear a crash and my wife yelling my name to help. I turn around to see her on the floor with her foot twisted 100* backwards and shoved up her shin several inches. Just had surgery last Friday to put everything back together. Good news is I have a lot of vacation I was planning on taking the next several weeks. I told her I was going to teach her how to do aluminum riveting since she doesn't need to be mobile to do that! Hah! :)

Hope everyone else is having "uneventful" holidays! I *still* plan on at least getting some of my metal Noble 6 finished before new years!

Tip to all: Use a real stepstool when hanging decorations!

If you're squeamish, don't blow the pics up.

Note, the knee is pointing up in the pics.
jen ankle 1.jpg jen ankle 2.jpg Jen ankle 3.jpg
Surgery went well last Friday. It was more messed up than imaging first showed. I think she has more metal in her leg now than I'll have in my HALO armor! No load bearing for 6 weeks, 10-12 weeks to heal.

Now we're heading to Mexico on a cruise ship for a week. That will be interesting. I told her she should hang out on deck with her surgical suture wounds showing and act really scared while warning people not to swim with the sharks! :)
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