RROD Repair Problems

Problems w/ M$ repair service?

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My Xbox finally gave out a week ago. So I call and start a repair. The guy says the box to send to them will be here in 3-5 days. So 7 days later here I am. I checked the stupid support site, and tried to regeister my device, and it didn't work, then I tried to validate my (hopefully) already registered device, and that didn't work. So I call them up and check the status, but their server is down, and they cant check it. So as I'm typing this, I am holding ( it's been awhile, at least 10 min)...

Anyone else have this experience or similar ones?

How did you resolve it?

Was your 360 repaired?

Post your answers!

I'm pissed,

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Yes i really got it repaired my memory drive broke in half right when i opened the box and then i got 3 rings of death first time i turned it on then guess what i sent it in and they said i would get it back in 10 days. it took 3 weeks. but it was worth it they accidentally sent me an xbox elite =]Good luck getting yours.

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Wow that sucks.

I just got off the phone and they had to do a brand new **********ing repair order...

I know M$ has alot of repair requests, but come on...gezz...
I could DRIVE to the repair center in just a couple of hours and it still took UPS 3-days to get my repair box to me.

I just sent my 360 to them yesterday so fingers crossed. :eyepatch:
I am really hesitant to say my repair status, or lack thereof, for fear that it will kill my system. Stupid ms, with its stupid overheating system
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Mmmm, can you smell the melty gooeyness inside your 360 yet?...Finally got mine back after I got home from vacation. Had to go to the UPS place and pick it up. Havn't really played it much since I got it back though. I'm taking a tip from a friend in hopes to avoid a third RROD, and having my 360 laying horizontally instead of the vertical position I've usually kept it in. So, maybe it'll work. I'll find out on Sept. 25th when I run it probably as long or longer than I ever ran my PS2....Which was probably about 12 hours straight....Maybe less.
I am actually working on a case to prevent RRODing. Basically, I stripped a mini fridge, slid the xbox in, and cut holes for the wires then sealed around them. If it RROD now, I'm gonna flip.

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