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RTX 2016

Discussion in 'Southwest Regiment' started by Heavenly Fightr, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Heavenly Fightr

    Heavenly Fightr

    Hey Spartans,

    News is RTX Tix are going on sale today and I was wondering....

    One - who is all looking at going?
    Two - are we looking to have a booth there again this year?

    Your friendly (or not so now since H5) A.I.... :devil
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  2. MyrHerder


    W00T! Allison and I are digging through the couch cushions right now. Knock on wood we'll find enough to go.

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  3. Termhn


    I wish, but it's probably a no for me.
  4. MyrHerder


    Update: Allison and I will be going. We'll be working the GrifballHub booth as usual, but I expect some photo shoots and maybe a dinner with you guys too.

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  5. KayPickle


    I'm going! I'll have my new build completed by then too. Did we decide whether on not we're having a booth? :3
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  6. Termhn


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  7. sarlume


    I will be there again! Gonna have my Caboose and Meta with me, too. And maybe a fourth partial Spartan in-progress.

    If not a booth, it would be nice to have a general meeting place where we can keep a couple repair necessities for emergencies. Without a booth, I'd really miss having a hot glue gun on the floor; that booth has spoiled me.
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  8. MyrHerder


    So, we're using the RTX thread in the Conventions forum, right? Makes sense not to have two threads for the same discussion.


    Edit: Also members of other regiments will be in attendance, and we should do our planning in the thread they can participate in (speaking on behalf of a specific member who is attending from the north west). Thanks!

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