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RTXAU '17 Attendance Roster

Discussion in 'Australian Regiment' started by Sierra 107, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Sierra 107

    Sierra 107 Membership Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Hey all!

    RTX Sydney 2017 is coming up next month! Super exciting.
    In this thread, I'd like to ask that anybody with plans of attending post in here to let us know (and to form a roster) so that we know who's coming!

    In your post, please follow these guidelines so that we can get as much info as possible!

    (1) Are you attending RTX Sydney 2017?
    (2) What days are you attending?
    (3) What costume will you be using?
    (4) How many hours do you expect to wear your costume?
    (5) Do you need assistance with putting on your costume?
    (6) Do you require public transport?
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  2. ScottJackson117


    2 days
    Captain Cutter (Halo Wars 2)
    All day
  3. tabris89


    At the moment yes. (Will update if that changes)
    1day, sunday
    H4 MK5
    All day
    Maybe haha
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  4. Chiefwannabe


    yes, will be attending with my cousin as well, he will be cosplaying as deathstroke
    definitely Sunday, hopefully both days
    all day

    looking forward to seeing everyone there!
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  5. mawrTRON


    Hi all.
    Unfortunately I am unable to attend due to having family over from overseas. I wish all of you the best and take plenty of photos for me.
  6. Spartan55


    Sorry will not be their
    Got to go to school and i can not oforded it
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  7. HeadLocks


    (1) Yes
    (2) Both
    (3) (profile picture)
    (4) All day for Saturday. First 3 quarters of Sunday.
    (5) Nope.
    (6) Nope.

    See you all there!
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