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Hi Im new to cosplay and building from foam etc and bought my first 2 patterns today a Ghost and a Saint 14 Helmet. The ghost has detailed instructions and everything so no issues there but the Helm of Saint 14 just has a PDF and a PDO. Both dont have any instructions on there or any labels of where to glue and where to bend etc.

Im guessing for an experienced builder the PDO would be easy to follow but atm its not making any sense

Does anyone have a better pattern with instructions?


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Hello and welcome.
Usually a PDF file has already been sized and is ready to be cut out and assembled. I'm surprised to hear there is no instructions included with it unless the maker intended you to use the PDO for reference. You mention bending, so I'm not sure if you're planning on making the helmet out of cardstock and resin or out of foam, but i can try and help you out the best I can.
If you'reusing the cardstock resin method:
-Make sure you have 'flaps' and 'show edge ID' turned on under the "2D Menu" section.
-You should see 2 distinct line patterns on the pieces (usually dash lines and dot dash lines) these are your mountain and valley fold lines.

If you're going with the foam method:
-Cross reference the pieces on the PDF to the ones on the PDO and see if they match up. If they do you should be good to print the PDF to cut the pieces onto foam.
-Make sure the pieces on the PDF/PDO don't have extreme angles. Usually you're not bending the foam, but instead beveling the edges to join them together. If you click on the 3D model at an area it'll highlight that piece. If it has an area where it dips up or down beyond a 45 degree angle it'll be hard to bend foam that far.

If this is still a little confusing or not helping answer your questions, may I ask you post a picture of the PDO so we can see what might be the problem? Just don't share the PDO file itself as it's a purchased file and the owner would not like it to be shared around.


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Hi yeah apologies I am attempting to use EVA foam as ita my first attempt at cosplay.

I have a Ghost pattern and that says all over it 45 Degree angles and where to glue and how to out it together so wilp have to get something to help with angle cuts but the helmet one just has lots of pieces and a PDO to reference.

Some of the pieces I have worked out like the top of the helmet where the plumage is but the rest some are underneath the main face plate but theres lots of little bits and the templates that dont really show how they go.

There seems to be a structure underneath the main bit. If i click on the bits it highlights what part it is without really explaining how it goes together.

It may he because im new and never made owt before but its def got me confused

Thanks again


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Hmmm, the file looks good and clean, and the piece you have highlighted looks good as well. Putting together a foam helmet is kind of like piecing together a 3D puzzle, making sure the pieces fit right together. You'll have to watch some tutorial videos on how to make good bevels and learning how to better align pieces as you go. Evil Ted on Youtube has some great tips for getting started. Starting with building the Ghost will help too, get you in the hang of cutting and beveling. Having the file up while you're working on it helps immensely too, as you can spin it around and see where all the pieces go as you build.