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Hello to all my fellow 405thers. I have some thoughts about books and stuff ...wanna hear them? Here they go!

In my mind, MOST Halo novels of the past, have fallen into TWO categories thus far....
Ponderous yet informative to the games
Brief but lacking the proper HALO-esque tone.

Frank O'Connor's third written work for Halo is the latest novelization that deals with 'The 'Verse' And it is spot ON! Granted this is a digital short, and it can be read in one afternoon, AND it deals with Iona a character, which according to some shouldn't be speaking to anyone about anything due to her last known situation, However what the story lacks in continuity, it makes up for in brevity!

I do not wish to spoil anything here so I'll be brief.

The story revolves around something that has been in the news IRL a LOT lately, so the novel is timely in that it addresses sticky subjects as to the hows and whys of what makes a thing sentient and at what point does an Artificial Intelligence earn(?) the right to person-hood...if it even has the right to demand such a thing at all. Frankie also details, in the clearest most concise way, why it is that the problem of rampancy in smart AIs needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY and with extreme prejudice.
With Cortana, I was- as was John117, always willing to give her a pass when she went Bat$#! Cray-Cray during the H4 campaign.
I have no such attachment to Iona, so I was able to objectively consider her situation. It's kind of like when your friend gets drunk and starts acting like a maniac, it's all fun and games. Guffaws all around, right?! But when some drunk maniac starts acting out toward you, it's not so cute. Cortana is a friend of ours and I know her very well...she gets a LOT of leeway from me. But I think I'd rather not see Iona get to the point, where she has to split from her corrupt data. That could end very badly for all of us.

In conclusion, I hope I gave you enough information to make you so curious you purchase this short yet insightful read. It's only .99 cents on Amazon Prime. And it's a well written thought project on the part of one of Halo's oldest and most well versed individuals.

O'Connor has finally found the balance I've been waiting for since Nylund's Fall of Reach! What do you think?