San Diego HALO Fan Film !!!

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So we are casting and getting props together. As anyone would know props fore Halo is gonna be difficult. So i turn to you all in hopes that you might wanna be in the movie. We are looking for an authentic looking Master Chief with Uniform. We are also looking for Assault rifles.

Id like to get someone to play the master chief and bring their own armour. Buying the suit is a last resort.

So the plan is to make a miniature of the Pillar and basically a fly by and a zoom into the cockpit like the game. But not replicate the game. Instead the ship will be attacked early on and as soldiers run through a rest / medical bay they see the master chief in his chamber. At which time one soldier stops and gets him out to fight.

There is alot more character dev as well as build up but that is the basic idea.

So still any help if you want to or know anyone. We are also lookin to get a model of the pillar, we may have to just build one. We are also looking to fund this project so if you want to then indeed you will receive full credit. Anyhow.

Thanks hope to hear from you.

Well right now we have no budget.
:) Yeah i know, but things are comming together we are getting a budget and casting and finishing scripts. So we are however officially in preproduction. This will get done.

We estimate that we want it done before the release of Halo 3. By the way its a short film probably 5 minutes, jsut to tease and piss people off. ;-) Nah but its gonna look great we have a studio here in SD and a green screen if needed. We are gonna simultaneously shoot on HD and 16mm film.

The money is going to go primarily to the set, film and developement cost, and some costuming. We want to get as many free actors as possible. And it is completely possible to do so, there are lots that want in on this project. We have the support of a Community College down here so that gives up lighting and equipment.

Hopefully this will cost 5000 but its possible that it may be more.

Sounds like a lot but that is pennies in the film business. 5000 will literally be the cost of film sometimes. We are good though, we usually get the shot the first time.

Love the AR by the way.
Dude i have freakin dreamed of doing this.

I didnt even know this forum existed until today. But dude ive had posts out on gaming sites for 3 months with no replys. Craigslist in LA and SD. No replys.

Now that ive found this whole HALO network shouldnt be a problem to get my Master Chief.

I want someone local to LA or San Diego but if i need too ill fly them out.
Well you are definetly in the right place! There are tons of people here with suitable armor for such a film. Glad ya found the forums :D
well I dont have any armor, but I have a good very large network of Halo fans if you want I will get them in contact with you
well PM me i might help you out with something....i work with film here in florida, some of my friends do film fests here
It sounds awesome you guys. Link ill def. hit you up, but for now we really just need actors and props.

General if you know anyone near San Diego with a Master CHief suit please get them with me.
Awesome, im gonna whp up a fun little teaser trailer this weekend for the film. Its gonna rock! Or it may piss you off as trailers typically do for me.
i dont have a suit... yet im starting it in april so you could start the movie and i can come in as another spartan from the books
Alright friends the Halo Fan Film teaser will be online tonight. I just uploaded it to youtube.

Just search for halo fan film.

Ill upload the link tommorow if no one else does tonight.
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