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You guys, I'm not a mod, nor do I try to pretend to be one, but come on, seriously!
What has happened?

I've noticed way too must of...

I are am pwning y0u in halo 3! I are l33t! ROFLZ.

^^ That was hard for me to type.

Now, guys, (I say guys as a generality, it applies to girl(s?) as well).

There are a few things we need to learn before we click the "post" button.
First off, please read your post, if you have trouble understanding what you just wrote, then it means that we will have even more trouble understanding what you just wrote.

On one of my threads, someone posted something and it took 4 good reads until I got a hint of what he was trying to say.

We took there base. <-- This is incorrect.
We took their base. <-- This is correct.

Simple grammer can make a huge difference in your posts and can stop you from looking like a complete n00b.
It's more understandable for people who speak English as a second language, but for you English speakers, this should be common knowledge.

Also, I know I have been guilty of it... double posting.
I've only double posted twice I believe.
I've found that if you wait for about >10 seconds, your post will go through.
By clicking the post button 3 times in 10 seconds, you will actually manage to triple post.


There is a very fine line between a discussion and an argument.
If there is a discussion about why Halo is better than Gears, people should say...
"You're wrong, Gears is the pwnage! Halo sucks and you're wrong, you suck."
Uhmm.. No. This is also incorrect. Woah Woah.
This would be a correct way to pursue something of this nature.
"I think I will have to disagree with you. Halo is a good game, but I don't like (your reason) and I believe that Gears of War is better because (your reason)"
When you disagree, give good reasoning why and don't attack the person.

Somethings you don't argue about and some people you don't argue with.
If Sean, Link, Adam, Doom, tell you something... they are automatically right, they're mods. Do not argue with them.
I've seen too many people argue with mods IN THREADS.

Anywho, read this whole thing and you won't be a totally n00b. Haha.

I know I'm not perfect, but I'm trying to be.
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Looks like someone's gunning for Mod position, lol. Just kidding ;)

That was very well said, Sarge. Being a Mod on a couple other boards (one of which is also HALO-related), I can tell you it is annoying as hell seeing such bad spelling and combative behaviour. There is no need, or reason, for it.

It's understandable to some degree if the person has English as thier second language (people are always better with thier native tongue), but for those of us who predominantly speak English first and foremost, you should know better. Seeing such blatant spelling and grammatical errors gives the impression one is just being lazy and doesn't care to communicate themselves in a clear manner.

There is no need to pick a fight with one's fellow board members. We're all here because of our love for the game(s) and the joy of making MJOLNIR armour. We all have something to share here, so don't go attacking someone just because you may not entirely agree with thier opinion. Like Sarge said, try to keep it polite and diplomatic, so as to avoid any unnecessary friction.

As for the leet speak, I too find it hard to read a lot of the time, and find it rather irritating.

Oh, and I hope you don't mind me stepping in here Sarge, but here are a few more tips I thought would be helpful in adding here:

1. Double/Triple Posting -- I have been known to do so once or twice myself (not intentionally), but we all know it's not welcome. I now sometimes when making a post you may get an error message initially, and try to post that same comment again as you don't think it went through the first time (it happens). When making a post, I would suggest you always check after you've posted to see if it went in more than once. We have this wonderful feature called the "Delete" button at the bottom of each person's posts, so use it if need be. That will spare you from the banhammer, and will help the Admin/Mod group keep the forums clean and orderly;

2. Questions -- I realize members new to the board may not be "in the know" much when it comes to what's available here resource-wise, but I beg you... P-L-E-A-S-E use your eyeballs and look around. I mean really, REALLY look around. Take a look at the control features available at the very top of the page (right underneath the site banner) and thoroughly browse the topics in the different forums here. Always first use the "Search" function before posting a question regarding anything. Many a member don't appreciate seeing the same topic posted again and again, simply because the person asking didn't bother to put in the time to find the answer themself. In most cases, you will find a stickied (pinned) thread in any of the forums describing what it is you're wanting/trying to do, so the information is already there. Yes, I know it's rather time-consuming that way, but more often than not you will find just what you're looking for. Using either method will also help to cut down on double posts/threads;

3. Caps Lock -- NO CAPS LOCK, PLEASE! It is considered yelling, and viewed as rude behaviour by most. Don't give the wrong impression;

As for who to not argue with at all (you generally shouldn't argue with anyone, really), if Sean, Link and Doom didn't know what they were talking about and weren't upstanding guys, then they wouldn't be in the positions they are in. They're here to help you (that's part of thier job), so don't go biting the hand that feeds you, so to speak. Don't even think of going to head-to-head with them, because you'll lose that argument everytime. And Adam, well... he's not just a Mod, but the Site Owner, so what he says definately goes, lol.

I think that's all I wanted to add to this here thread, so I'll take my leave for now (have to get ready for work). See ya... :cool:
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Sarge Christi @ Sep 27 2007, 08:41 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div><div class='quotemain'>We took there base. <-- This is incorrect.
We took their base. <-- This is correct.</div>

I love you.
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I was just getting tired of seeing triple and quad posts.
I was also just frustrated with people fighting with each other.
It's crazy.
All of that was Well Put Christi, I am glad to see members starting to realize and act out to other members about how "bad" we have been lately.

One thing though, Why did you put...

We took there base. <-- This is incorrect.
We took their base. <-- This is correct.

You should have used "all your base are belonging to us"

Hehe, Good Job!

Well, I became a Moderator back in the day when there was only 300 members here. When this place was a small but thriving community. I contributed multiple things, gave adam some things he requested, and helped out people around the forum. Eventurally I was asked onto the Staff by Adam. :)

Since then its been pretty easy to control these forums and keep everything flowing smoothly. But lately we have been getting a ton of traffic and new members are growing at and exponential rate, (well almost) its been getting hard to keep things under control here so I think it may be time to get some more Moderators/Staff soon.

Can't be toooo sure, but we will have to see how the next month or two plays out...

Very well written. I am a mod too, and this was also hard to type:
0mgz0rs d00ds d1d u s333 t3hq n4e haro game?!?

Seriously, stop it.

Ok anyways, your post is "full of win".

And yet...
After a thread, dedicated to helping people stop looking and acting like n00bs, still they continue.

You guys, spelling.

Learn to spell.
There is a spell check, if you don't have a spell check on your internet toolbar, open up microsoft word or something close to it that has spell check and use that.

Take time in making posts.
This isn't a race to see who has the most posts.
Of course it is. Thats what forums are all about.

+1 post for me w00t!

In all seriousness though, I agree. The rampant posting and verbal diarrea coming spilling out in the new threads is not only painfull to read, but is a time waster as well. Please, think before you post.
Just like to add that Firefox has a built in spell checker. So for those such as myself that need the occasional extra help, it does an excellent job and it's free. Just throwing that bit out there for y'all(<---Spell checker actually corrected that as well, ha ha).
I love me a good e-fight. haha

I think its rediculious when people seriously get mad at each other over the internet. So it makes me laugh :)
I just hope we dont enter the phase of 'Postcounts = respectabilty'. As with armour its no fun to see people think their superior because they made some.
FireFox's in-browser spell check has helped me on numerous occasions. I need the Red Alliance emoticons here, comrades!
I'm glad some people use spell checkers and the like.

I'm just tired of seeing 3rd grade mistakes in people's posts. Incorrectly spelling armor (ex: armer (It has happened before)) is a 3rd grade mistake.

Some things you should just know how to spell, and if you can not, just use a synonym.
A synonym is a word that has the same meaning as another word.
If you guys want free spell check software in your browser, get firefox.
IE isn't great compared to Firefox, it loads up faster, it never crashes, and also you can get awesome themes(skins) for it!!! :D
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