say no to coloring our airsoft guns! (bill SB 798)

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Legislators are, suffice it to say, stupid. They squabble about little things, like screwing with legitimate sports, or they bicker about issues with obvious solutions, like gay marriage/decriminalization and taxation of cannabis/other issue, instead of doing anything important. They never tackle the big issues, like how to repay the deficit, or provide incentives to rebuild the economy (or, at least, restrictions on businesses for the people's sake), or what have you.

Stupid, squabbling bureaucrats.


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the participants incident that gave those california representatives to even so much as think of making us have flourecent guns deserves to have several 'not so nice things' happen to them (send me a mesage if you would like to know what i mean {not for the light of heart})


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Suggestion for all of you: If you would like to say something that would get you banned from this forum for any other reason than the political nature of the topic, it would be a smart choice to not say anything at all. And I'm not only talking about what you want to say, I'm especially talking about how you say it. If you go out there and start insulting people, saying how stupid they are for supporting neon pink airsoft guns, you are supporting their position and not yours. This also applies if you try to replace your insults with funny euphemisms.


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I think this bill is rediculous. Its punishing an entire industry and group of players for the bad decisions of one kid. Obviously these politicians don't realize the amount of "REAL" weapons that are brightly colored

This is a knee-jerk reaction to a simple problem, discipline. If the parents of this kid had taught him that pointing a "gun" at a police officer is a bad idea, then maybe he wouldn't have been shot. Its a problem with this country to blame everyone EXCEPT the party at fault! Ive read up on it, and if anyone other than his parents gave him the airsoft toy, then they could face 6mo in jail/1000 fine. And the kid using it in public would have him slapped with a 100 fine, but since he is a kid, they aren't charging him, or holding his parents responsible. What i want to know is, why was this kid in a public park, playing with an airsoft toy(and i emphisise TOY) at night? Where were his parents?

Im getting tired of our politicians trying to put us into a prison without bars with all these useless legislations that serve no purpose but to make our lives miserable. Why don't they take some normal, rational, steps and start holding the parents and kids themselves responsible. If you enforce the laws that are ON THE BOOKS, then more stringent laws aren't necessary. Just because this kid reaped the consequences of his actions doesn't mean he is off the hook. I dont really care if he got shot, thats his goof, but the law should still fine him for breaking the law. Does a bank robber get out of jail if they get shot? Nope.

Well now im rambling.

TLDR: Punish the kid and parents, not the hobbyists and industry.
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