Scaling and cleaning?

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MC Chris

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I still need to make the chest but i dont wanna waste paper. I'm about 5' 10", I scaled the Bicep pieces to 24 and the helmet to 27 (didn't know if that information was nessecary but those pieces fit fine). from my waste to the top of my shoulder is about 26" (2.2'). Also after using a brush for resin, how can you clean it to the way it was before you used it?
I dont Know about scaling because I'm 6'4.

Their is one complicated way or two for cleaning brushes but its not really worth the hassle because you can only get like one more use out of it.
You are just going to have to buy what is called scratch brushes that you throw away after the first use.
At my local discount store I can get five for a dollar.

Good luck on your project.
I don't know of any decent way to clean off the brushes...I just bought 5 of them... But I found that a sponge works better for fiberglassing than a brush does anyway. It's good for dabbing so I don't pull the fiberglass threads out and for some reason it doesn't seem to harden nearly as fast as the brushes did. So, yeah, I just took a dish sponge, cute it up and bam! 6 new brushes for under a dollar.

good luck with the sizing and cleaning and what not!
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