Scaling Centurion Armor Helmet Halo 5 help


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hej there everyone :)
i'm a new member to the 405th forums but ive been a maker for a few years now, although i am new to pepakura and thats where im asking for help
i've followed several guides on scaling halo armor for pep but i cant seem to get it right ( i guess i have a weird head shape)
i've resized this helmet in the armory at least 3 seperate times and it's either the bottom entrance hole is just right and the helmet itself is huge or the entrance hole is to small and the helmet is fine looking
(yes i've tried removing the interior rings 1 at a time to make it fit but it doesnt look right without them)
i have all my measurements if anyone is willing to help :) thanks and have a great day


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OH.........BlizzyBee, you have my sympathies and I total understand your frustration......I have 8 tries on my Centurion helmet before I had a helping hand from PerniciousDuke........There is just something about this helmet that defies proper scaling. I think it has to do with the popped up piece on the crown of the helmet.........From what I understand, the Armor Smith program might be a better choice to scale this correctly.


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ah thank you for the reply and suggestion :D however i figured out a great way of doing it, i exported the pep file into a 3d software (Blender) through a 3rd party converter, i removed the top vent/crown and made it into its own separate file, i then exported both back into pepakura designer and presto :D easy to scale
i can supply those files to people who want them because i know not everyone can use 3d software for editing