Scaling doubts and other dilemmas.

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Hello everyone. I'm new to Halo (despite the fact that i had interest in the series since primary school while Halo 3 came out but some for reason i never started playing it back then). Recently i noticed Halo MCC on sale so i immediately bougth it and i have to say it's as great as i thought it would be all those years. After finishing Reach i thought it would
be cool to make my own Spartan armour and here i am but despite the fact i'm not new to pepakura i have to say Halo helmets appear to be a bit complicated.

1. I'll be making operator Helmet and here is where i came across issues with scaling. The width at most narrow point is 190 mm (which should fit my head along with ears), at the widest it's 230mm. Height is 310 mm (while my head appears to be 280 mm tall so again seems to make sense when isee that part on top of the helmet) But then it comes to depth and it seems off. Wouldn't 340 mm be really long? Also the wah how helmet is angled down towards the front makes it even more confusing.

2. The hole for the head is smaller than space inside the helmet. From other posts i saw here i presume having detachable part is the only way to make it possible to fit? Do you suggest magnets or some other form of attaching it? I would probably make part i selected in red on the screenshot detachable.

3. Would 170 gsm paper be good enough? I was thinking of using cardboard instead as i saw some people do it but since i never tried it i don't know if it's worth the risk and starting over with 20 pages of parts.

4. Has anyone here ever used fabirc/textile hardener instead of resin+fiberglass? I have a bottle of it and saw that some people apparently use it for hardening pepakura. The fact that it's not toxic is tempting enough for me to give it a shot. Here is an example:
So for helmets from reach and other older games you will run into the problem that the opening is quite small compared to the the space on the inside of the helmet. The halo infinite helmets don't have this issue as much for example. Yes, a good way to combat this is to have a removable piece. I know NewBrody has a piece that is on a hinge and is secured with magnets on his helmet, and it works quite well. Hopefully he'll be by here and give you some advice about that.

In terms of the scaling I think 340 is reasonable for the image you show. Remember, It's measuring from the farthest point to the other farthers point. In this case, the 340mm includes the helmet attachment on the top there. I believe there is a measuring tool in pepekura to allow you to measure the dimensions that are relevant to you.

I can't helmet too much with the rest of your questions as I'm more of a foamsmith and 3D printerer myself, I'm not too familiar with the pepekura method.
Welcome to the 405th Alukard! Likewise, I don't go the paper craft route, but I may be able to help with a couple of things. Firstly, there's a program that a number of people here use called Armorsmith. You can create an avatar of yourself based upon bodily dimensions, in which you can then import Pepakura and 3D files to scale, unfold (if desired) and export.

I don't know paper thickness well enough to be able to compare it, but I know that a lot of people use cardstock for their pep builds - still easy to print and cut with, but more rigid than standard paper.
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