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It's been a hot minute since I built anything halo related, sirca 2013 to be exact, But now that i'm finally out of school and got that sweet big boy job with a bit of disposable dough. It's time to come back and make something that sweet younger me wanted to make back when I was still a dependent with a tight budget. I’ve come a long way from when I was still green and silently lurking and learning within the 405th, this community taught me a bunch of skills that I utilized while pursuing my art degree and was, and hopefully still is a bed of creativity. I still have a lot to learn, but I feel like I now have the time to partake in this community again.

So my plan is to start my travels of halo costuming at a familiar port of harbor for everyone, the grand ODST. While most of the build will be the standard ODST kit, I wanna also incorporate pieces of other gear to create a more cobbled together feel. My inspiration is thinking about the fall of harvest and the 5 year bloodbath that took place up until it was glassed. I'm sure the troops there would grab whatever gear they could to repair their own armor and continue the good fight.

For now I wanna just switch out the right shoulder and forearm and left knee and leg, in part because I like a bit symmetrical of asymmetry in design but also because i'm excited to play with new forms and challenges. I'm also toying with the idea of incorporating part of a helm of an elite, as I think cuvi armor has cool designs that don't traditionally lend themselves to incorporation in human builds. I will probably still make the replaced pieces so that I can have a full set, but let's play, you folks have any ideas?

While I do plan to pep most of the gear I also plan to mix in foam components at joints to make the armor more comfortable to wear and move in. I have had less experience with foam and think the new challenge will be fun to overcome.

I've started printing, cutting and building the pep files, my goal is to get the paperwork mostly completed by the end of april so that once the rainy, muddy season switches to summer weather I can hit it hard with the resin work.

Anyways thanks for reading my book, Looking forward to a new year and a new adventure.


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short update for anyone interested, my lovely GF helped me make a tape suit to turn into a Manikin for building the undersuit and getting the proportions right. Finished peping the left odst shoulder and the right forearm. I decided to go with the gen2 ODST gauntlet to stick with the theme but also to play with the mjolnir armor.

I knew spartans where huge and jacked but Jesus are they ridiculously large. I resized the file to better fit my arm and then added in a 2 inch piece of paper to make the gauntlet actually reach where it should as im not quit built like Popeye the sailor. Thanks for checking in!


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Small update,

Had lovely mid 70s today so I took advantage of it and started hardening the peps that I made so far.

Which to sum it up is both gauntlets, and shoulders (i built a standard marine shoulder for under the elite helmet). And then some odds and ends for attachment to the boots elbows and hinged pieces for the shoulders.

Also got the boot toes sized and modified to fit my boots. The torq of the toe caused them to buckle a bit, but a nice bit of body filler should smooth it out nicely.
the kabob sticks are just temporary untill the paper is hardened. Even using "heavy" cards stock and watercolor paper mixed in (300#) the paper likes to wiggle a little when coated in resin. So hopefully the liberal use of kabob sticks and doing just the seems first will aid in keeping their shape steady as warping is a sign of sadness. Next on deck is the chest plates and elite helmet. Which are a nice stack of paper waiting to evolve into something more interesting. Lastly I stuffed myself... Having a tape suit of yourself is a very strange thing, yet useful.... though I think my loving gf taped my chest up a bit too tight...
(takes about 6-8lbs of stuffing to stuff me. Not sure what to do with that information, but now I have it....)

Anyways thanks for reading, happy Hump Day!

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I like the way you think, I don't often watch threads but I want to see a split jaw's helmet as your shoulder armor.


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What are you going to do for the visor? I've seen so many cool ones, and I myself don't know how to make an effective one. I have however made one by taking a covid face shield and covering it with window tint.


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What are you going to do for the visor? I've seen so many cool ones, and I myself don't know how to make an effective one. I have however made one by taking a covid face shield and covering it with window tint.
the covid shield is a good idea! there's a couple different things I wanna try. I am going to try out a hot knife on acrylic to cut the shapes for the visor as i think this may be the best option for a comfortable experience, but was also going to vacuum form one, and for poops and grins I was going to blow one out of glass and see how that turned out. I feel like keeping straight sheets of materials will probably be the easiest to see out of, but I do kind of wanna see how the three methods turn out. and then probably make a fourth and final out of what works the best.


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Been a little bit since I updated, but thats life I suppose. Anywho, got the vest/shell made and have started covering it with textiles to add those nice layers that noone will really see, but hey its fun. (The neck isn't warped its just cut at the side so I and get into it and hasn't been set up with buckles to hold it back in place)

I will probably hold off the next update until I have the under vest finished and all the buckles attached.

Thanks for checking in.

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