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Alright, I was just wondering if anyone can get me a few screenshots of something in particular in Halo 2? It's on the level "Metropolis" near the end when you must destroy the Scarab. One of the marines on the upper ledges has a communications backpack that looks wicked cool, and I'd like to get some good reference to build from. Unfortunatly the method of killing him and looking at the backpack doesn't work, since it disappears when he dies. :roll: It's where you follow the marine at the bottom up the stairs, and the backpack marine says something like "I didn't think they'd send a Spartan."

I don't have any means of getting pictures of the backpack, and all I can do is follow him repeatedly and get quick views to sketch from, and that's not working well. :$ops:

So does anyone have the ability to somehow get screenshots, or better yet, extract the game model (Doom? :mrgreen: ) so as to draw up templates or make a flatpattern with Peparuka?
ill get you some pictures ill try to get them as soon as possible i dont know if ill b e able to get them tommorow my brothers comming back from college for the summer so yeah i might even be able to get them tonight buy well have to see dude.
ya i got them on my xbox but i dont have them on my computer yet so ill get tehm on there asap mabey tommorow or idk.
Mancubus, that would be a HUGE help! Thanks very much! Don't worry, I'm in no rush on these, so get them whenever you have the time. Thanks again, bro. :mrgreen:
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