Sculpt = oilclay , mold = Plaster = problem?

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Hello everyone,

Since it is the cheapest way, I decided to use plaster as a mold but I have several worries about it (first time ever making a sculpt or mold)
Far and whide I searched the net and the 405th without concrete answers.

1. If my sculpt is made out of oil based clay, dont I need some release agent so it doesnt stick too much to the plaster mold?
the net says all kinds of things about that but vaseline is the most common. then again i hear vaseline is absorbed by the plaster or gets hard and doesnt seperate at all.
personally when I imagine chucking a ton of vaseline over my - quite big - sculpt, doesnt it ooze down. if I had a round object - for example - wouldnt the vaseline (pretty liquid stuff) ooze downward, exposing the highest point of the "ball" and gather itself on the lowest point (of the "ball")?
also how does vaseline even react to oil based clay? Worrysome since I would have to apply the vaseline to my big oil based sculpt. no one who used plaster as a mold seemed to have a clay sculpt.

2. seperation lines:
as read on the net, when making a plaster mold, a seperation line is made with the oil based clay-as wall-method but my sculpt is made of oil based clay, I would totally distroy it when I smack some more clay on it as a seperation wall for the plaster. One weird source talked about a very dangerous method with a sting I wont get into now. Is there no other way to seperate plaster molds?

Or do you know of a totally different but well working way of making a mold other than with plaster?
Please dont suggest silicone since I dont have the money.
Everything needed has to be easy to get (I live in a country from which you cant buy from the net in foreign countries easiely, so I have only local hardware stores)
and cheap.

thx for reading
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