Sea-Doo Spark: Awesome Waverunner? Potential Awesome Halo PWC?

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Hey guys,

I am huge into watersports, I love waverunning and wake boarding when I can. I recently came across this vid for the new Sea-Doo spark. It's basically gravitating away from the newer style Waverunners which are huge, bulky, but very fast and stable and going back to the original concept for waverunners which were small, light weight, quick and unstable to let you whip them around and really have fun.

Looking at the thing though, it's completely angular, more so than some of the other PWC that have been released over the years, and Sea-Doo is going for the customization factor as well with this. You can stick with a simple color palate for those who just wanna ride the thing, or you can get it custom wrapped to fit your own personal wants and style.

But honestly, first thing I noticed on the standard 2 seater package is that it looks like a Mongoose ATV built for the water! Seriously! Look at it, put a couple of marines or spartans on the thing and you have the perfect water recon and assault platform! And with the custom wrap, it can even be made to look like it came out of a Halo game!

Anyway, just thought it looked cool, wanted to get some other thoughts on this. Hope you all enjoy it!
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