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Sean Bradley

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I thought I'd give everybody here a notice.. I uploaded a couple of my best glitch clips on, and posted them in the Community Files forums.

Heres the links if you want to see them.

1. Pile o' Spartan
The clip is pretty self-explanatory. I get the beatdown of my life, and you get to watch my Spartan slammed into a wall and break apart into a pile of armor.

I love the way it jiggles and twitches.

2. Snowbound Deconstructed : Spartan Kaleidescope
I broke the map.... and the results were pretty. ; ) Watch this vid with the camera attached to my character. Once I begin to fall through the top of the base, pause the vid and detach the camera. Look at the floor and spin the camera to see the Spartan Kaleidescope. Most artistic glitch ever!

One downside... the game engine won't allow you to take screenshots of your creations.... it reads them as corrupted.


3. Screenshot: I ain't got no legs!
This happened when the resulting shockwave from some Fusion Coils that exploded nearby hit this guy. Both of his legs wrapped around his back and over his shoulders.

More pics of this in my file share.... enjoy!

Let me know what you think guys, leave a reply or rating at

Thanks guys.

Check out the Kaleidescope vid and follow the instructions.... coolest glitch I've ever captured.

Don't forget to leave feedback on these. I don't want them to drown in the sea of clips there..
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