Sean Bradley Odst At Vgxpo In Pa

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Sean Bradley

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Hey all.

I thought you might like to see these pics from yesterday.

I decided to take one last personal day before launching into Halloween ODST production to go to the VGXPO in Philadelphia, PA. VGXPO is a 5th year videogames convention with game demos, general fanfare, tournaments, celebrities, etc... just a leeetle bit smaller than a serious 'Con. Maybe it'll build over time. Tommy Talrico from G4TV and the Video Games Live concert series runs the thing, but it's still kinda in it's infancy. It was a bit ... sparse which makes people more generous and seeking approval so everybody was real nice and chatty.

My employer offered to pay for me to go there, so I took him up on the offer figuring another opportunity to wear my ODST would be worth it either way.

We got there late, but just in time to sign up for the costume competition.. so I figured I'd have at it. Won 'Most Complex Costume' and won first place or 'Best Costume'.. The contest wasn't very well run.. Tommy Talrico stood far on the edge of the stage looking at us with disapproval, The announcer was very hard to hear, UFRAG TV shoved a camera in my face as soon as I won the first award to interview me onstage while the contest was still running, but never asked my name... I was kinda amused by everything.. My wife Jen and I walked around the Xpo for the rest of the day taking photos and answering questions. It was a fun time, and I'll definately go again next year just to see if it picks up at all.

Here's some pics:





Erm... Am I at the wrong convention?


Guitar Solo?



Push, Maggot!!!


Got a pro photo, below:



This girl from the US Army booth attacked me several times throughout the day, frequently putting her hands in places my wife preferred she didn't.


The force is strong indeed.


No comment.

More pics here if you are so inclined: VGXPO by Sean Bradley


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Awesome, Sean, looks like you had fun. :D

Lol @ Lucario.. and the army girl. Your wife should've gone ODST too so she could melee. Haha.

I've met Tallarico a couple of times, he's a pretty nice guy and obviously loves what he does.

Are you meaning he didn't approve of your ODST costume, or the shoddy contest job? 'Cuz if anyone be disapprovin' your armors.. I'm-a smack 'em. D;

Sounds like a lot of the issues are just 'cuz it's a fairly new convention. I'm sure it'll iron itself out.


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My bro was there as Vader on Saturday.


I honestly thought poster in the last pic was real and you were a figure. Don't question my strange mind.

Nnice pictures, looks like you had a nice time :)


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Underdogg13 said:
Best ODST on this site.

Agreed. Both Sean and Link's ODST are two of the best I've seen.

Thanks for sharing Sean! The suit looks absolutely fantastic! Looks like you had fun!
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Awesome! Your work stands out in a crowd, as always! (And getting paid to go to those things is the tops!)

Just one question... Whaaat is thaaat?


Sean Bradley

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Believe it or not, that is supposed to be a Brute. Strange to run into one out in the wild.. In the second UFRAG TV clip you can see me deliver a beatdown to him onstage.

@ drakku: I wouldn't say that Tommy was disapproving anything in particular.. he just seemed unhappy to be there, maybe unhappy with the turn out of the xpo.. I dunno I thought he might get on the mic or at least shake hands with the winners. He just stood slightly off to the side looking somewhat dissatisfied.

I wish I had met him, but he didn't seem interested, disappeared as soon as the contest was over. Ironically at the end of the day as Jen and I were leaving the Xpo, he got on the escalator right behind me... didn't say a word. :unsure

Well, I still think it's a good time. I'll go next year, maybe get a table. There was plenty of unused space, I have to imagine that it's not terribly expensive to reserve some space.


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hey sean , i watched the video where you had the interveiw thing on stage and wow it was quite an excitment its good to see that you won a contest in the first go , congradulations

mc halo3

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HOLY MARCOMONI,that is one hell of an ODST suit.The US Army women was touching you in the ******,WOW WTF,did she give a reason,did you even ask her.Anyways,that brute photo posted by flyerfye looks heaps funny,I wonder if you had bullets.Well next year Sydney Animania 2010,I'm doing a skit with my friend,he walks up to the stage,then I shoot him down and raid his @$$,take his grenades,run off when no ones looking and kick him,then h throws his helm at me.Pretty good skit idea i think.

But best ODST costume on site goes to you.
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