Sean going wild! (update 27/09/07)

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I saw Sean firing to pistols on one of the vids so I decided to add some muzzle flashes on there...Seening as i own the man an apology to how rude I have been latley.

P.s Sean if you want me to take it down off tube i will

P.P.S sorry i spelt your name as Bredly on the vid

P.P.P.S sorry the muzzle flashes look blocky

Ok I had a go at doing the energy sowrd, but it was REALLY hard

Ok to get the energy sword, first I had to upload the video in animation shop 3 and draw the sparks on, then when I was done I had to save it in an mng. file (very unpopular),also there are no converters for an mng. file unless they turn them in to pics, I had to use cam studio, to record the animation whilst scrolling frame by frame, then i up-loaded it in to my video editing software but it didnt work, so i had to prosses the avi. file in to an avi. file thus compressing it (im aware that the to file types are the same). then from there I trimmed it in the video menu and VIOLA! Anyone understand? this was raly complex compred to the muzzle flash lol. But i think it look ok...
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I used some free effects from here:

Free effects

Serif Movie Plus 4.0 (wich weill set you back a bit of $$$)

A whole lot of reading and videos, and Viola! I can create these realistic muzzle flashes in a matter of minuites
im thinking of making plasma from the energysword like the sparks but that might be harder. I might have a go after :p
Thanx for comments guys
Thats phenomenal!!! Thanks a million Smilie!!

I had hoped that someone would do this, but didn't want to ask.. it's such a short clip.
I felt really silly 'acting' liek the guns were firing, but it paid off thanks to you.


I'll forward this to the producer of the segment, he'll get a kick out of it!

Thanks again! :lol:
No problem I felt I own you something for the way ive treated you..Glad you like it . And I was working on your energy sword 2 (if you didnt mind). Also you on the poster wich im creating for the site. Thank you Sean for the amazing footage i had fun doing this.


feel free to comment
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