Searching 6-12 players for PC Halo


Title says it all. The idea is to fave fun with different mods and test them. At least 6 players is required in order to have a good game. Mods can only be played if everyone have the same mod active. Others cannot join the match. I didnt make any of these mods but I only renamed them so that they can be recognized.

The server name must be and my profile name is ODST-TJ92

Mods list:

No Banshees mod
Ghost mod
Scarab gun mod
Nuke Gulch
Pelican mod
Spirit Dropship mod
Super Blood Gulch
Elite mod
Grunt mod
Forest Gulch
New vehicles mod
Halo 3 Blood Gulch
Halo 3 Sandtrap V1
Halo 3 Sandtrap V2
Reach Gulch
Underground tunnels
Covenant Depot
Covenant Cruiser
Snow Gulch
Foggy Gulch
Swamp mod
Flood attack mod
Engine room Flood mod
Scarab Island
Starships Island

So here is all you need to do:
#Find and download/install Halo Trial (the trial for Halo PC)
#Put here your email and the mods you want to have and Ill send them. I have e-mail myself so that shouldnt be a problem.


Jr Member
I don't have the demo...but I DO have the actual Halo: Combat Evolved for the PC, as well as the Custom Edition. Where can I get these mods in question?