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Hello all, this is my first project involving crafting armor out of eva foam. My first build I modeifed and painted a purchased set of mk VI armor. I'm in early development phase. Here is what the finished build should look like. (Using ArmorSmith).

-Helmet and shotgun shells are 3d printed
-Rest is eva foam
-Using Mk 7 armor from Halo Infinite as a base.
-Using Halo Reach attachments and boots on armor base
-Using EOD Helm from the TV Series (Sparten Vannek carried that show)
-Not shown but will be including Emile's kukri (on right shoulder pad)
-Ignore the floating HUL attachment lol
-Lemme know what u guys think!
Great news! Project is now in crafting phase, starting with the boots and working my way up to the helment (best for last). I also have a question regarding led placement. There are not very many leds on the mark 7 armor, any suggestions where I could place them? Mark 5 had alot of leds.
Great news! Project is now in crafting phase, starting with the boots and working my way up to the helment (best for last). I also have a question regarding led placement. There are not very many leds on the mark 7 armor, any suggestions where I could place them? Mark 5 had alot of leds.
The central front (little button looking things) panel of the chest and the vents on back boosters are great places for LEDs. I used visor LEDs to back light those areas.
Big fan of the EOD! I was actually going to do that exact shoulder set up but ran out of filament. Will probably add it on later down the road. Looking forward to seeing your progress! Good luck.
Careful with the codpiece. Movement is guaranteed to be limited heavily but better to make it a little bigger than tight fit. Regardless, Good luck!
Great News! I had a helmet printed for me and is arriving tomorrow! (Production started more than a month ago and the bucket failed twice lol. Luckily the third time it printed successfully. Will post more pictures soon, currently working on back chestpiece and thrusters. All that's left afterwards is bicep/shoulders, forearms, and handplates.
Here's an update on the build! Chest piece is pretty much done. All I need to do is complete the back thrusters.
So far I found the chest piece to be the most difficult piece. There was alot of eyeballing in some spots to get the right curvature and making sure it fit me, but it turned out pretty decent. Thinking of using the classic buckle and strap instead of strong magnets..

Using the breacher collar from Infinte, this is where 7 shotgun shells will go, the next 6 will be on the right forearm (assault breacher)
Speaking of, here is a sanded shotgun and kukri. Will use sprayable filler/primer and wet sand these, to get that super smooth look

Last thing is the undersuit. There are no gen 3 mark 7 undersuits anywhere so I found and used the Reach undersuit instead, which works fine with the cod piece and chest piece.
However the undersuit backside only covers so much back, so there was a gap between the chestpiece and the undersuit. To fix this I create my own back extension, similar to the one on the mark 5 .

I opted for a simple design, it's not in-game accurate, but it works. The extension now covers the gap and pairs well with the undersuit.
That's all for now. Also just recently decided to plan on going to my first con. Planning on going to PAX West in September. So that gives me 3 weeks to complete the suit and weapons. With the progress I've been making I should finish before then. I saw there are others that are joining as well and I am excited to meet some members of the community there!
Haven't started on the security shoulder piece yet, but I'm thinking about how to attach the kukri (3d printed) to the foam shoulder and to make sure it doesn't fall off from constant sheathing and unsheathing. I was thinking Contact cement with gorilla glue. Any ideas?
You may find that contact cement doesn't stick to well to the 3D prints. I would personally use super glue (make sure to rough up the print first), as it bonds to both materials well, but make sure there's enough surface area for it to attach. Depending on how much surface area there is, I might even look at using a mechanical fitting, such as attaching the two with strapping.
I'm sure there's people who have actually done this who can give a better suggestion though!
Hi again here is another post! I pretty much finished building the whole thing (phew). Chest piece and below are pretty much ready for Detailing and weathering.

Attached the cod piece/belt to the mid undersuit, this should keep it in place.

What's left is biceps/shoulders, forearms and hand plates. As you can see the shoulders are pretty beefed up. Another thing to mention is I've decided to switch the shoulders, so that the security is on the left side and commando is on the right. For cosmetic reasons fo course.


On to props, both the kukri and shotgun are ready for detailing/weathering.

Shotgun is 1:1 scale so it is one chonky boi

Beautiful indeed.

Since I'm preparing for PAX West, I need to think about how I go about things when walking around. Here I took the Hardcase and repurposed it into a functional pocket that can store my phone, wallet and other stuff (snacks?)

Lid held together by Magnets.
That's all for now, trying to finish the helmet and other painting before the end of next week. Sanding the helmet is not fun :(
Looks great so far. You’ve got some foam skills which I envy. Foam is just so much more comfortable and easier to wear.
Here's another update on the build. Everything is pretty much built, with a coat of primary paint. Right now I'm mainly doing details/weathering, doing test runs and fixing some problems. I plan on posting pics of myself in semi-finished armor this weekend. This will give me a week before PAX West to do more weathering.

Here we have the shotgun shells attached to the chest piece and right forearm piece. They are tightly secure with adhesives, so I'm not worried of them falling off.
Next I wanted to have the shotgun have a green light similar to halo 2 shotgun.

Since it's impossible to insert leds into the 3d print without damaging surrounding parts. I went for glow-in-the-dark tape, which turned out well.

May not be noticeable in daylight, but so are leds anyways.
Next up we have an update to the boots. Originally the sole of the boots consisted of wood and alot of duct tape. It looked very messy and decided to use a 0.5" layer of eva foam under the sole. Now the sole of the boot looked much nicer with the treadplate pattern (which provided good traction as well) and added an additional 0.5" to my overall sparten height. That with the helmet, I should add about 4.5" to my height making me 6.2-6.3. Still about 5 inches short of an average sparten 4, but it's good enough lol.

For adjustments, the front of the thighs had a bottem piece that got in the way of the knee pads. The part was an eye sore anyways so I got rid of them.

As for strapping, I had two buckles to attach each thigh piece to the codpiece/mid undersuit to keep them from sliding down. 4 buckles for the chest piece, one for each connection point. Due to weight of the shotgun shells (3d printed) the chest piece will not slide back. It's a cozy fit anyways, so it's not a problem. As for shoulders, I wanted to attach them with straps to the chest piece, but figured a separate strap that connects both shoulders will be better. This will rest on my traps. Sorry for no pics I'm somewhere else at the time of this post. Padding was needed for forearms and shoulders and helmet (still working on it). As for testing, everything worked as intended, nothing wanted break (yet). Despite the shoulders, I should still be able to put on and take off my helmet in costume, though it may be a little difficult. Will post pics of helmet progress when I get the chance. That's all for now.
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