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    Unfortunately it looks like most of the Destiny Threads are so out of date with their links that the files are completely null when you attempt to access them, and very few people are paying attention to the posts being left of them anymore. Is there anyone who can help me with the design of a Destiny helmet?

    I'm trying to get a PDO made of the Titan's Day's of Iron Crown [with Ornament], I saw someone creating one out of cardboard but the thread died over a year ago and I have no idea how he made that possible. I also have no idea how I accidentally made this text italic, apparently there's a keyboard shortcut I didn't know about.

    If anyone can help me with this PLEASE let me know, I need to get to work on this project to finish it on time. (Deadline is in May.)
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    Etsy has alot of Destiny pepakura armor, check it out, it's like 5 dollars but hey, Destiny pepakura files!
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    Ctrl i

    If you are unable to find the one you're looking for there are other sites out there that do have destiny pdo files. » Destiny

    Creating pdo files take time though so I wouldn't think 2.5 months is enough time to source someone to model it and then also assemble and finish. Not saying it can't be done, but worst case you build one that's already been modeled or do a freehand foam build.

    Goodluck and happy building!

    Crimmson has also done some destiny stuff and might know more.
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    Did some research and found these guys who have made a 3D printable version: 3D Printable Model: Days of Iron Crown Destiny Helmet | Print File Format: STL – It's possible to take a .stl file and convert it into a .pdo if you wanted to go with pepakura or make it out of foam. You'll have to contact them for further details. As for the ornament I haven't found anything, but there is a similar looking coin over on Thingiverse, just type "Destiny Iron". Hope this helps out, and good luck.
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    I thought the same thing, he wants $87.50 just for the STL file, I told him keep dreaming. I respect when someone puts a lot of effort into something but I wouldn't pay $90 that wasn't custom made just for me.
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    I'll take a look, thank you!

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