Semi-Powered Infiltration (SPI) Armor

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The Ragin Pagan

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For those of us working on SPI armor, I think I may have found some solid models, seeing as how the armor featured on Ghosts Of Onyx is really tiny.


I remember seeing that project.

So did he give you access to the models or just the refs? Either way definitely helps a lot. Nice!

I'll be sticking with my Shadowhawks Project O-type armor though.
Well, that looks about spot-on... but I don't know if he did it. I did a drawing of SPI armor from memory, but have no scanner... I'll post it soon enough.

Some may wonder, why all the pictures? Well, what I did for my armor was through pictures. I googled and went to Bungie for different pictures on the Halo 3 armor, then focused on a certain aspect. If I was working on the helmet, I would get around 6-7 pictures of the helmet alone, from every possible angle. Then I would find pictures of the shoulder plates, etc.

This is the method that I used, and like using. I did it for my Witch King costume, and will do it for my SPI costume to the best I can. It works!

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