Sergeant Johnson build (WIP)

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by BlackPlague711, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. BlackPlague711

    BlackPlague711 Jr Member

    Hello all, BlackPlague here. Gonna be attempting to build the Halo 2 anniversary version of Sargeant Johnson's armor. Now I'm not too familiar with how to access files, so, I've just been using graph paper, a ruler, the accuracy (hopefully it's as good as I think it might be), and foam. I have worked with foam in the past, but after my encounter with it, I never looked towards that war again. Any help if possible with be greatly appreciated.

    Foam (floor matts from lowes)
    Xacto Knife
    Hot glue
    Graph paper
    Card stock (traces better on the foam)
    Plastic Dip
    Elmers Glue
    A few types of paint.

    Neck Seal
    ~utility pockets
    Elbow pads
    Hand Plates
    Utility Belt
    ~Uitility pocket

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  2. BlackPlague711

    BlackPlague711 Jr Member

    I was able to get a few more reference photos to help with the chest armor.
    It took about 1 1/2 days to complete the base look of it. I'll upload photos of the Chest and the neck part tomorrow, due to me being super tired and it's 3:39 a.m.




  3. PaiganBoi


    Welcome to the 405th.
    Out of curiosity, what were your issues with foam in the past?
    As for armour, try looking in the Armoury and see if you can find Foam templates for the Marine.
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  4. Cadet

    Cadet Executive Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Unfortunately at this time The Armory's files for the Halo 2 Anniversary Marines are all reference OBJs and DDS files, as no one has done a proper unfold of them yet.

    However, these can probably be of good use to you, BlackPlague711 in your attempt to scratch build it.
    Halo 2 Anniversary - UNSC Marine
  5. BlackPlague711

    BlackPlague711 Jr Member

    Most of my issues revolve around gluing the pieces together without having a blob mess of hot glue on the edges. Also getting paint form properly on the foam. I think the foamies will cover up quite abbot of it, luckily. I've also fixed a few other problems I've had in the past.
  6. BlackPlague711

    BlackPlague711 Jr Member

    Oh my lordt!!, Thank you. You've given me the holy grail
  7. BlackPlague711

    BlackPlague711 Jr Member

    Ok so this is my chest piece. It's a little banged up with some rough edges. On top of that I'm no photographer.

    The chest piece is held together by it four joints. Each joint is already attached to eight straps; four shoulder and four waist. I'm using a thin bar (plastic sticks of cu-tips) to join the puzzle like pieces together. The chest is very snug on me which I find the best fit. A previous design on one side of the waist straps, which was in the middle, required me to bend my arm in a akward position to unattach the Velcro holding them. I modified it to be in the front and hold the strap with clips. Now I need to clean up the build with some foamies.







  8. BlackPlague711

    BlackPlague711 Jr Member

    Here's a neck piece as well. Fits pretty great. Needs detail work.


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  9. PaiganBoi


    I personally was never a fan of hot glue. I would ALWAYS have issues with it cooling down too fast or it just wouldn't hold.
    As for paint, do you seal the foam with anything? Since the foam is very porous (did I spell that right?) it soaks up a lot of paint. Plus paint doesn't stick very well to the foam. So putting a layer of PVA glue, modpodge or if you have the funds Plastidip would seal the foam and give the paint something to adhere to.
    Your chest armour is looking sweet. Really like your use of buckles.
  10. BlackPlague711

    BlackPlague711 Jr Member

    Just a little update.






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  11. Dirtdives


    Dam....where does everyone get this colored foam from? Great job so far BlackPlague711!!! Welcome to the 405th!!!
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  12. BlackPlague711

    BlackPlague711 Jr Member

    Thanks. It usually comes in only grey at lowes. Somehow the color ones were all they had.
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  13. PaiganBoi


    I see it at Wal Mart all the time... I just choose to pick up the black foam only. Maybe on my next run I'll go a little crazy and get the pink stuffs.
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  14. Dirtdives


    I just checked prices....I think I'll stick w/ the 9.99 4 pack from Harbor Freight......much cheaper than anywhere else.
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  15. BlackPlague711

    BlackPlague711 Jr Member

    9.99? :( I've been shopping at the wrong place
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  16. Dirtdives


    And during sales time.....7.99 or less.....
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  17. PaiganBoi


    Stop making me jealous! I know there is a currency difference but, still!
    $7.99 works out to roughly $9.87 CAD. That's bloody cheap.
    I'm paying about $14 CAD for a four pack.
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  18. Dirtdives


  19. PaiganBoi


    LOL. That's twice you hit me with that.... Are you trying to suggest something? o_O
  20. Dirtdives


    No.....its just fits perfectly. Even across borders.
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  21. BlackPlague711

    BlackPlague711 Jr Member

    I'm paying 19.99 usd.....not including tax
    (._. )
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  22. Dirtdives


    shop around dude, shop around. (y)
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  23. BlackPlague711

    BlackPlague711 Jr Member

    Just a teaser.

    Unfortunately, I'm going to be taking a break for a little to catch up with school work.


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  24. ErMaC


    Nicely done bro. I love what you have so far.
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  25. Incredible, are you doing that all by hand and just looking at references?

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