Sexy Legs - well, muddy and sexy that is.

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Costume official done except for the thighs :hyper: - pics to come later. Actual sexy ones too.
Nice. You are going to weather the feet more correct?

Also I would recommend some black ribbed piping for inbetween the top of foot and toe parts. how is everything attached to your boots?
it's kinda hard to see in the pictures ( i blame the flash)

I'll add a little bit of shading, but not weathering. I'm going for this look:


yeah, I'm having a seamstress help me out with all "soft" parts of the suit, so the ribbing should work out well.
Cool, I've been wanting to see someone go for an accurate soft suit.

The only reason I suggest weathering if continuity. Maybe it will look fine after shading. good luck.

can't wait to see your thighs Adam :$ops:

that color is spot on man, absolutely terrific, i've been waiting for someone to do an H3 accurate color, i dont mind the dark and deeep greens, but this just beats em all, good job, but i would suggest weathering the feet, as they would be the most damaged part of a suit, unless, of course your going for a style like u said, anyway good job
nice, only comment is that the mud should be a tinsy bit darker. that way it is distinct from the color of the armnor
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