Shadowshail's MKVI and Jorge W.I.P. (Pic Heavy)

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Shadowshail's MKVI (Completed) and Jorge W.I.P. (Pic Heavy)

Alright, i am trying to get the MKVI LD (Files from ROBOGENISES on the wiki) suit and Jorge from Halo Reach (files from AceHigh) by a week or two before release day. I have a con the weekend just before Reach is released and the guys at the local Gamestop are really happy that i can come in costume no matter what it is! (and they said i would get free stuff if i were there in armor)

So here are some pics of what i have done so far:


Thats all the pieces i have done so far of the MK VI LD


These are my 2 chest pieces that are just hanging there giving me support since they are both too big *sigh*


Me fiberglassing one of the forearms.


Me in my safety gear for the resin and fiberglass stage.

Alright so all i need to do now for the MK VI is pep the right handplate (which i should have done tonight), the Left boot, the chest, and the helmet.

I also need to figure out what is wrong with my scaling since i pepped a bicep piece a while ago and then it turns out i printed the same side. So i printed out the correct side and put it together....but turns out its slightly bigger than the old one i i may be making another one of those if i have time...

As for the Jorge armor.....I have the majority of the files from AceHigh (wonderful files!!!!) and will be working on them as soon as im done pepping the MKVI.

That and i need to figure out if my scaling is right on the pieces i already printed out...i just really don't have the time to have to make more than one jorge piece since it is in a pretty good definition quality.

Also i want to put out a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!! AceHigh, ROBOGENISES, and XtremeTactics101 for the files and help scaling!!!!!!!!!

more updates to come but its kind of slow right now.....

Since there is a limit to how many pics you can put in one post here is the link to my photobucket account where i upload them all: projects/

Comments and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!......also this is my first build XD
Nice work mate. I'm curious; what's the scale of your chest piece? I'm pepping the same one by Robogenesis, and it seems a little ill proportioned. I just want a general basis of what other people have scaled it. Again, that's really nice work! And nice respirator.
@Aero Waffles
Well the 2 chest pieces in the photo there are pretty friggin not the best example of a buff person as i am very skinny and a little over 6' in height. I have not actually made the one that is going to be scaled to me personally, but thanks to XtremeTactics101 he helped me with a scale that is going to be pretty nice on me (at least a little better than the others where you can fit me in twice!). the scale he and i got up is 360.00mm in Width, not Height! (since im really skinny).

I have it printed out im just getting the smaller things done first before i hit that up this week.
Hey Shadow I finished editing the video and its been uploaded to youtube. Well here it is.

Also I can't wait till this week end ^_^
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Alrighty! i figured out how to upload things onto youtube and such so i will now have video updates! YAY!!! The first video got a little screwed up but you can pretty much understand everything so im not worrying about it too much and the second one is almost flawless in sound and video staying together.

Hope you like it!

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I really hate my keeps on going back on me or in this case i prepared my text and was waiting for video 2 and i was checking out the upload and it used the same tab i had up for here to go to check out my vid! GRRRR!!! whatever....

UPDATE!!!! YAY!!!! alright so here is what i have done this week!

Moderator: can you please take out the Pic Heavy part of the title? i am going to use video more than pictures now so it wont be too pic heavy...Thanks!

Video 1:

Video 2: It kind of lags a little towards the middle but it catches itself again...
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Still looking great Shadowshail!!! (But I already told you that ;)) Pretty good news, the job that I've been working on should be finished up in the next two weeks, so I should be able to come over and help a bit more. Anyway, best of luck with the rest, and I better be impressed the next time I stop over XD.

Yup... it's looking good. Keep up the work and keep posting your progress.
Alright video's today....sorry....

I feel like someone has taken my mojo for armor making away...Sniperbass is trying to help but im starting to lose it and i don't want to. So far this past week i have only been able to cut out a couple more pages of my MKVI chest and sand and prime the H2 ODST helm that was shown in the earlier videos, and one of my forearms...and i need to fix that forearm because i put it on a pole to dry and Wyoming winds knocked it over and cracked it...not too bad but it will take a little bit to fix.

Hope to get my mojo back soon and start on the Jorge armor regardless of me finishing my MK VI. I only need the helmet for the MK VI but i feel i am running out of time to get the Jorge done and thats the one i want to get done before release day.

More to come....maybe this weekend unless i get the chest done...
Alrighty! i have some great news! UPDATES!!!!

and sorry for the double post but this has pics and has actual updates so im sure it is fine.

alright here is what you have been waiting for PICTURES!!!





Alright this was the Jorge Right Shoulder add on file from Rhinoc and the unfold by Ral Partha.

Great work of art and great unfold! AMAZING work!

and i don't have pictures of my process on my MK VI chest piece but i have everything cut out and am almost done with the front. I also have the Jorge Handplate by AceHigh cut out and ready to put together but it is a lot of little tabs and small ill take my time with that.

More to come probably by the half week mark now that i am getting back into the armor making groove!

Also thanks to the guys at my local Gamestop! they have definitely given me a big energy boost to get this done!
Thanks DeathDoom! i should have more updates on some other pieces im currently working on this weekend.

Current pieces being worked on-
Jorge Machine Gun Plate
MK VI Chest
Jorge Handplate
MK VI Handplate
Alright, so it has been a while since ive updated this but life has been pretty crummy lately.


i finally finished my last MkVI chest piece! YAY!!! thanks so much Xtreme TACTICS 101!!!!!


This is my mess of a Pepakura Lair....sorry for the not so great pics but i only have my phone.


Currently hardening outside right now is my chest piece with rondo on the back, my cod piece with rondo on the back part, and the forearm and H2 ODST helm being fixed up (i accidentally broke the helmet and the forearm...).


Here's a close up of the chest with rondo on the back. I may do another coat tonight but i doubt it.

Well that's all for pictures, i am currently working on Jorge's stuff in the Pepakura Lair and hope to have more pics soon.
is rondo better than fiberglass? why did you guys do this Rondo process?i dont understand can you explain? Thanks!!

And Good Job Dude!!!
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